BioWare Hosting Voice Acting Contest for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Bioware Voice Acting ContestVideo game publisher Bioware, makers of the beloved Mass Effect franchise, are hosting a voice acting contest!

The Explorers Wanted contest asks entrants to read a script and send in their take. The winners will receive a trip to one of BioWare’s multiple recording studios to lay down dialog for inclusion in the new game.

BioWare is offering two scripts, both of which are gender-neutral. Entrants can choose between reading for Jordan Tate, a “freelance vidmaker”, or the generically named “Tough Mercenary”.

The scripts are professionally styled, with plenty of stage directions and cues. Tate seems to be under the gun to whitewash the harsh reality of the Andromeda galaxy, and the player character Ryder is happy to oblige Tate by advising him to “go out and see it”.

The “tough mercenary” on the other hand, seems to be a minor NPC, or perhaps an enemy. He’s arguing with a cohort about dividing up loot from a recent score.

The contest began on September 12th and ends on September 28th. Fans hoping to attain the stars should click through to BioWare’s website.

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