17 of the Most Bizarre Things to EVER Happen to Voice Actors

microphone-626618_1920Let’s face it, voice acting is a weird, bizarre industry. Sitting in a booth making crazy voices all day will get to anyone, and a lot of people in the industry have the scars and stories to show for it.

We dug through countless Reddit AMA’s to find some of the best. Voice actors, like many celebrities, go on Reddit often, and these anecdotes tend to come out.

So, without further ado, here are 17 of the most bizarre things to EVER happen to voice actors.

17 – On the unique challenges of voice acting for video games

I had to come up with 13 different voices for the game The Suffering 2. Then I had to die as all 13 of them. A) My voice was totally trashed at the end of the day, and B) Have you ever tried to die as 13 different people? – John Patrick Lowrie (The Sniper, Team Fortress 2)Source

16 – Just plain creepy.

There was a really stoned guy in Vegas who shook my hand and wouldn’t let it go, and kept complimenting my shirt. There was a really creepy guy in Manhattan who came up behind me and whispered, “You think because you’re carrying a red backpack that no one will recognize you?” Took me awhile to shake that one off. – Hank Azaria (Moe Szyzlak, Chief Wiggum, others on The Simpsons) – Source

15 – You have to remember, writers don’t always hear the voices in their heads… Not always.

It is a huge amount of fun, but can be very tiring for the voice. I really enjoy scaring the **** out of writers when they first hear a scary line they’ve given me. It’s also a lot of fun making them laugh. Working with writers at Valve or Bungie or Warner Bros. is the best part. Writers are insane. – John Patrick Lowrie – Source

14 – Sometimes you have to go through some pretty crazy contortions to get the perfect sound.

First, the producer played a recording of a computer-generated voice for me to copy as closely as I could. Then my voice recordings were processed to sound mechanical. I don’t know the processing equation, but I believe Valve has released that on their site for people to create their own mods. – Ellen McClain (GLaDOS, Portal series) – Source

13 – Something like a foley artist’s weird uncle who makes everyone uncomfortable…

My favorite day at work was the day we recorded the episode that Pam is humping the gyro. Matt Thompson (our executive producer) was outside of the booth doing all the humping while I followed him with humping sounds. It was hilarious. My favorite food is vegetable samosas! – Amber Nash (Pam Poovey, Archer) – Source

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