13 Spoopy Halloween Cartoons for 2016

Happy Halloween! What better night of the year than to curl up with some bright colors and creepy voices?

We’ve assembled our list of 13 of the creepiest, kookiest, scariest, or just plain spoopy Halloween cartoons!

For 2016, we focused on creating a list of Halloween entertainment that’s accessible and fun, but just a little bit off the beaten path.

They’re all wonderfully creative, fun, funny, and just the right amount of scares. The art and voice acting are at the top of their game, and the production values are high.

In short? Everything here is kid friendly, quality entertainment on this most ghoulish of nights. Enjoy!



Coraline is based on a book by acclaimed fantasy author and comics writer Neil Gaiman. He wrote it so his niece would have a special spoopy Halloween book all of her own, but it certainly works for the rest of us, too.

The film adaptation was created by stop motion animation pioneer Henry Selick. Animation using real-world objects is perfectly suited to Coraline’s world of fabric, spider webs, and of course those black button eyes.

Coraline herself is voice acted by child star Dakota Fanning, while her mother (and the terrifying Other Mother) is portrayed by Teri Hatcher. John Hodgman turns in a great performance as Coraline’s father.

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