Hellooo Kitty! Loads of New Sanrio Stuff

Sanrio Launches Premier hello sanrio Collection (PRNewsFoto/Sanrio)

Sanrio Launches Premier hello sanrio Collection (PRNewsFoto/Sanrio)

Sanrio, purveyors of ultra-kawaii Japanese characters since 1960, just embarked on a major retail blitz. Get ready for hello sanrio.

We don’t usually cover fashion items and collectibles here on The Vocal Range. Hello Kitty is such a big deal, though, that it’s inescapable. Sanrio is a culture all its own, and it has a great deal of overlap with animation fans.

The company is best known as a “lifestyle brand”. Sanrio develops characters like Chococate, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama (he’s an EGG!). How those characters are used is almost beside the point. They’ve done plenty of animated shows, a few video games, countless clothing items, kitchen items, the list goes on.

According to Hello Kitty Universe, Sanrio releases and pulls about 600 items every year. They’ve been at it for decades, making a truly staggering number of products. 12,000, so says The Times of London!

Of course, their first, best known, and most popular character is Hello Kitty. The adorable little cat is an iconic part of nerd culture these days, like it or not.

Sanrio’s most recent venture into the retail space is a doozy. The new hello sanrio collection is a massive launch across no less than 7 major brands. The new items have been developed in tandem with everyone from Zumiez to McDonald’s. There’s even an ultra-chic diaper bag available from Jujube.

Fans of this site might be interested that Loot Crate is involved. Yes, you can order an entire Loot Crate subscription dedicated to hello sanrio. It’s entirely separate from the main Loot Crate line. Each month, subscribers will receive a special “small gift” box. Some of the items are only available through Loot Crate.

The common theme of all this seems to be generational. Sanrio is squarely targeting millennials with this collection. Even the diaper bag. Everyone is growing up so fast!!!

Aesthetically speaking, the products all share a bright, bold design. The Sanrio style is distinct for its minimalism. The company knows that, and they chose to double down with hello sanrio. The drawings are crisp and clear. They have just enough detail to get the point across, without appearing busy.

Popular YouTuber That Poppy spearheads the marketing push. She features in the product line’s look book, and she’ll be making appearances at launch events around the country.

The website also prominently features a series of digital shorts created by TADO. The UK design group is famous for their “faux stop-motion” style. You can barely tell they’re computer animated. You can view them now at the official hello sanrio website.

Where to Find Hello Sanrio

Does all this seem right up your alley? Here’s a complete list of the hello sanrio product lines, and where you can find them.

Pretty much, you can find them at a mall near you.

  • Loot Crate – Order your special hello sanrio subscription by November 30 to arrive for the holidays.
  • McDonald’s – hello sanrio themed Happy Meal available from November 22 – December 19.
  • Lakai Footwear – Men’s skate shoes
  • Girl Skateboards – hello sanrio skate decks, tees, and hoodies
  • JapanLA – Carries an entire mini-collection of its own. JapanLA only has one retail location, which is in Los Angeles. Their items are also available at sanrio.com and at some Sanrio stores.
  • Jujube – Available online at ju-ju-be.com
  • Loungefly – Available through sanrio.com and some Sanrio stores in December
  • BoxLunch Events – Available at retail locations starting December 10
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