7 Voice Actors Who Always Sound the Same

Any animation fan knows them. There are some voice actors who astound and amaze with their flexibility and vocal range. Mel Blanc. Ron Paulsen. John DiMaggio.

Then there are the ones who just… don’t. Voice actors who always sound the same. They don’t change their voices, or they do it so subtly as to not matter.

If you hear them on another show, or even in an interview, you can just close your eyes and imagine your favorite character saying the words.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The good ones make it work. These are performers who get their mileage out of acting and not by relying on crazy vocal contortions. There’s room for both.

Here are some of our favorite examples.

H Jon Benjamin

H Jon Benjamin is the voice actor behind Archer and Bob Belcher

H. Jon Benjamin is the best example of voice actors who always sound the same. The similarities in voice between Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher have been such a source of comedy that Archer used it in an episode.

Like every actor on this list, though, it’s hard to fault Benjamin. The man makes it work. He has a distinctive voice, and somehow it really does fit both a womanizing superspy and a middle-aged burger chef.

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