Animation News Roundup 12/22/16

Happy Holidays! No matter how you celebrate them, this is a time to relax and be appreciative of life. It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, but we always have our geeky pursuits to help keep us sane.

Here’s a rundown of the week in voice acting and voice acting-adjacent news.

Holy Fine Art, Batman!

Some of Adam West's drawings for his new exhibit "Criminals on Canvas".


Adam West, TV’s original Batman, has never been one to shy away from the character that made his career. No Leonard Nimoy is he!

On the contrary, West has always embraced his Bat-identity. He’s been involved in a lot of great self-aware humor, from voicing Mayor Adam West on Family Guy to reprising Batman in animated form.

He’s now dipping his toe into modern art with his “Criminals on Canvas” exhibit at the Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, CA.

The museum’s description reads:

“Exhibition featuring original works and new prints of villains and characters from the original Batman Television show. West’s paintings have been featured in several renowned galleries across the country including Los Angeles and New York.”

West’s paintings of various Batman villains are reminiscent of Salvador Dali. Very melty.

SAG-AFTRA Voice Actors Strike Continues


No big news here, sadly. The voice actors are still on strike, and we’re hitting the point where it must be affecting productions. It’s going to get strange next year when games and cartoons start using non-union actors, or fall behind schedule.

There’s plenty of talent that isn’t part of SAG-AFTRA, of course, but membership in the union has always been a mark of quality.

On the upside, it might be a good time to break into the industry.

The latest update from SAG-AFTRA was at the end of November. They announced that their Canadian counterpart ACTRA had joined them in the strike.

One small victory is the union’s successful takedown of the misleading “SAG-AFTRA Video Games” website, which was created by the companies on the other side of the strike.

The Emoji Movie Still Exists

The first trailer for The Emoji Movie just hit, and it’s about what you might expect. Steven Wright stars in the trailer as 😕, which is apparently pronounced “Meh”. He goes on an adventure through a phone and meets wacky characters like 🍧, 🍪, and of course 💩.

💩 is my favorite.

The movie might be perfectly fine, but it’s hard not to turn one’s nose up to it. Wright is a fine voice actor, though, and he gives 😕 a suitable mix of boredom and depression.

The plot of the actual film centers on Gene, a “multi-expressional emoji” who doesn’t appear in the trailer.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to type all those emoji on a desktop or laptop, Emojipedia has you covered.

The Incredibles 2 is a Go!

Let’s end on a high note! Samuel L. Jackson posted the first pictures from the voice recording booth of The Incredibles 2. He’s reprising his role as Frozone, the cold-based superhero who wisely does not wear a cape.

It’s about to go down… First recording session for…. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!

A photo posted by Samuel L Jackson (@samuelljackson) on

I can’t wait for this, and I’m sure neither can most readers. Stay tuned for more news on the Pixar sequel as it develops!

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