Shortcakes 1/2/2017

A still shot from El Alpinista, a featured animated short film this week.Shortcakes is our weekly look at what’s worth watching in animated short films. We scour the Internet, from YouTube to Vimeo to parts unknown.

Happy New Year! We made it! It looks like a number of schools and universities must have made too, because most of our shorts this week are student films. We have something very, very French. There’s also a tale of social anxiety that anyone can feel. And finally, there’s some pure badassery. Enjoy!


Creator: Thomas Vallentin, Lucas Silva, Axel Beaudelot
Country: France

They say: Ori, a little sea creature wants to be part of the show that is taking place tonight. Although, Krab, the enormous manager doesn’t seem to agree with this…

Short film realised and animated by Thomas Vallentin, Lucas Silva and Axel Beaudelot during their 2nd year at Pole 3d, France.

We say: Trippy sea monkeys meet anime with Battlestar Galactica music. Be sure to stick around for the credits for something you won’t hear every day.

Take it Off

Creator: Jiaying Guan
Country: USA (I think)

They say:  My animation project is a Two-D animated short film, called “Take It Off”. It tells a fantasy story of a boss who is giving a speech at a banquet. It’s mainly about that he fantasies how he can get out of the banquet after his trousers taken off by a little kid hiding under the podium. He is so anxious that he imagines the electricity runs off, or the Santas or even the magician comes to save him. The story is consisted of four parts.

The first three parts are just the boss’s fantasies which exist independently. The dividing line between reality and his fantasies lies in the scene where he escapes from elevator. Only the banquet hall, the 4th part, is a real space time as well as the real preface of story. Since the boss is so obsessed in his illusions, as a result, there isn’t a clear border between fantasy and reality in the animation. Even the kid may just be an illusion of the boss. The film is narrated with the combination of magic realism and structural narrative method.

We say: Are you completely unafraid of public speaking? Then this might not be for you. Are you human? Then you’ll like this.

Escape The Factory

Creator: Thomas Vallentin
Country: France

They say: A girl is captured by an odd AI. It wants to test her running skills but she doesn’t really agree with it…

Short film realised by Thomas Vallentin during his 2nd year student at Pole 3d, France.

We say: From one of the creators of Abyss (above) comes an alternate take on Portal. It’s short, sweet, funny, and the art is immaculate.


Creator: Shelby Albright
Country: US

They say: This was an assignment for SCAD’s Fall 2016 3D Animation Production class. I am responsible for all aspects except for the character models and rigs.

We say: Shelby’s getting her bachelor’s degree in Animation. This school project isn’t much technically, but it’s completely adorable. Love the sense of humor! Check out her website.

El Alpinista

Creator: Molina Paula, Marcelo Pepice
Country: Italy

They say: Short film created by Molina Paula y Marcelo Pepice

We say: In the grand old tradition of “baby gets into trouble.” The faux stop-motion animation really works for it, and the scripting and storyboarding is great. Watch for the cameo by Italian Grumpy Cat!

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