Top Voice Actors Do Trump Tweets

Batman Beyond JokerPresident-Elect Donald J. Trump has been, in what may be the understatement of the millennium, a divisive figure. Prior to his latest feud with Meryl Streep, the big Trump gaffe on everyone’s Facebook feed was his passive-aggressive year-end tweet.

Most would agree that holiday wishes to one’s “enemies” are neither Presidential nor in the spirit of the season.

Now he’s on to calling a multiple Oscar-winning actress “overrated”. This isn’t a political site, though, and I’m not interested in a comprehensive analysis in whatever is going on in that big old orange head.

This site is about voice actors, though, and some of the best voice actors in the world remain pretty ticked off at what The Donald gets up to on a daily basis. True to form, the actors are expressing their displeasure through cartoon voices.

It started on New Year’s Day, when Billy West posted a brand new piece of Futurama-inspired material. West is a great sport who loves to use his voices, and it’s not entirely unusual for him to post a snippet here or there of his classic characters.

This particular tweet, though, was a little different. He read Trump’s “year-end” wishes to the world. In character as Zapp Brannigan, the bumbling, cocksure, Kirk-inspired DOOP captain. Trump certainly has some Zapp-esque qualities (arrogance, a general orange-ness, a disdain for pants), and it was all-in-all a hilarious use of West’s talents.

The #MakeAmericanBrannigan hashtag is icing on the cake.

Then on January 7, someone else got involved. Mark Hamill decided that maybe Trump’s tweet was more in the wheelhouse of an even more beloved and feared character.

The actor behind Luke Skywalker and the seminal voice of the DCAU Joker brought all of his considerable talents to bear in bringing the PEOTUS down a peg.

Yes, that’s the Joker wishing you and his enemies (who lost so very, very badly) a happy holiday season.

Hamill has frequently spoken of quitting the Joker voice for health issues, but he can’t seem to stay away from that happy, murderous dude. He’s returning this year to reprise the role on Justice League Action.

That might just be enough to get us through the next four years.

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