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TBS Animation Charge Led by Louis CK and Albert Brooks

The logo of TV network TBSArcher. Bob’s Burgers. Family Guy. The Simpsons.

What do these shows have in common? They’re all enormously successful across an incredibly broad age range. And not a single one of them airs on TBS.

TBS has found a great deal of success with live action shows like People of Earth, comedy-news programs like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and of course Conan O’Brien. What they don’t have is more than one solid entry in the evergreen well of animated comedy shows.

American Dad isn’t bad, but an animation block one show does not make.

The network is missing out, and they’ve finally realized it. People from every demographic love their cartoon comedies, and TBS just hasn’t been bringing it.

Well, now they are. TBS has picked up a new show from comedy legends Louis C. K., Albert Brooks, and The Office creator Greg Daniels. What’s more, the show is intended only as the spearhead of a “serious push into animated comedy.”

This is going to be great.

The Cops, starring Louis C. K. and Albert Brooks

Louis C. K. in his role as a cop on Parks & Recreation.

The show follows the personal and professional lives of two Los Angeles police officers who do their best, on the job and at home.

Knowing Louis C. K., it’s going to be pretty dark. The kind of thing you feel slightly bad about laughing at, but you won’t be able to stop. His live-action show Louie has been exactly that since 2010.

Of course, the addition of Greg Daniels feeds right into that. The Office was entirely built on that type of uncomfortable hilarity. Daniels also pioneered the faux-documentary/reality show style that characterized not only The Office, but Parks & Recreation and countless other imitators and successors.

For Albert Brooks, The Cops represents something entirely new. Somehow, despite classic voice roles like The Simpsons favorite Scorpio and Marlin in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, Brooks has never starred in a scripted television series. Animated or not.

I’ve got high hopes for what the trio comes up with, and so does TBS. Brad Weitz, Vice President of Original Programming, commented to Hollywood Reporter that:

“We have made the bold decision to put Louis C. K., Albert Brooks, and Greg Daniels at the forefront of what is going to be a serious push into animated comedy for TBS in 2018. I only hope these newbies know what they’re doing.”

Yeah, pretty much. Also involved is Dino Stamatopoulos, longtime collaborator of Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty). AKA Star Burns.

More Animated Comedy at TBS

Final Space, a new sci-fi comedy cartoon coming to TBS

Weitz isn’t kidding about The Cops just being the forefront of new wave of animated fare. They’ve picked up two more shows that should help fill that distinctly cartoon-shaped hole.

Tarantula is a horror-tinged look at long-term residents of a trashy motel. The sort of place that you shouldn’t stay at for more than a night, on your way across the country. Bed bugs, roaches, and tarantulas. The works.

Finally, TBS has picked up an animated sci-fi comedy series called Final Space. It’s produced by Conan O’Brien, and co-written by the creators of Pig Goat Banana Cricket. Not many details available yet, but it does feature an astronaut and his “adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake”.

Final Space released a “mini-pilot” episode last year. The art is absolutely fantastic, like a great 2D video game. Check it out!

Sadly, none of this will premiere until 2018. Animated series need time to gestate, as any Rick and Morty fan can attest. Still, I’ll watch closely and keep you updated with any new tidbits.

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