11 Video Games Based on Comics (That You’ve Never Heard of!)

Comix Zone for the Sega Genesis. Not actually based on a comic!Sci-fi, fantasy, and comics have always been self-consuming genres. The kind of nerd who loves escapism and tales of the impossible loves to experience their favorite stories again and again. They explore every possible permutation of their beloved characters, and they’ll happily check out just about anything that features a familiar face or costume.

That’s why there are so many cartoons based on comics, and comics based on cartoons, and even cartoons based on toys. It’s also why there are so many video games based on comics. After all, if you like reading about the exploits of a fantastic hero, you’ll love becoming him for a little while!

Here are some lesser-known examples of video games based on comics. You won’t find any Avengers or Justice Leaguers here… you already know about those. Enjoy!

XIII (2003)

XIII, the video game based on the Belgian comic

Platforms: Original Xbox, PS2, GameCube, Windows, Mac
Based on: XIII (Cinebook)
Available on: Amazon

The comic is a crime epic started in 1984 by a Belgian duo. It chronicled the exploits of an amnesiac hitman whose only clue to his identity is the Roman numeral XIII tattooed on his collarbone. Kind of Jason Bourne meets Memento.

The game takes the first five volumes of the comic and turns them into a fast-paced FPS. Ubisoft utilized cel-shading to recreate the comic look, and was one of the first companies to jump on that graphical trend.

There’s another game based on XIII, too. It’s an adventure game by point-and-click stalwarts Anuman Interactive, and was released in 2011.

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