Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E2 “The Depths”

Onward! To honor! To glory! To recap! I’m loving Voltron Season 2, and you are too if you’re reading this. There are a lot of fun references and sidebars in each episode, so I’m doing a full recap and summary of each one. Plus, the plot is downright convoluted this season. That’s a compliment!

Today, let’s look at episode 2 – “The Depths”. Check out the rest of our Voltron recaps, too!

Voltron Season 2, Episode 2 Recap – “The Depths”

Voltron Episode 2 - The DepthsIf Voltron weren’t a Netflix series with all episodes coming out simultaneously, then the first two episodes likely would have formed a two-parter. They both show the aftermath of last season’s epic (and losing) battle with the Galra, which ended with the Castle and the Five Lions scattered across space and time.

Where “Across the Universe” followed Pidge’s efforts to save herself, and ultimately the Castle, Lance, and Shiro, “The Depths” focuses squarely on Hunk and Lance.

That’s Yellow and Blue if you’re like me and can’t keep the names straight.

Hunk remains my favorite character in the series, so I’m always happy to get a big hunk of… Hunk. The writing’s great on this guy, and voice actor Tyler Labine keeps improving his delivery. Hunk isn’t so much the dumb comic relief anymore. Instead, he’s a smart engineer who just has his priorities straight. Food and sleep.

Lance, of course, prioritizes the ladies, which comes up in this episode.

The Blue and Yellow Voltron Lions falling into the ocean

“The Depths” continues the Voltron tradition of a killer first line. This time, the first words spoken in the episode are “Did you just puke?”.

We open as the Yellow and Blue Lions plunge deep into the waters of a planet that seems entirely covered in ocean. As the pilots get their bearings, Lance makes the questionable decision of exiting the cockpit to look for mermaids.

Possibly the best example of characters making bizarre decisions to serve the plot I’ve ever seen. And what the heck, he wasn’t wrong! I like how Voltron knows it’s goofy.

They quickly do find some mermaids, who take the boys to their The Little Mermaid-esque undersea palace. The Mermaid Queen promises to use their “energy beacon” to signal the Castle, and invites Lance and Hunk to dinner.

And then things get weird.

The mermaid feast from Voltron - The Depths

Although the food doesn’t look all that appetizing, it apparently tastes great. Both pilots are in love with it, but not as much as Lance is in love with the dancer as she gets ready backstage.

Lance, Hunk, and the mermaids sit down for a Vegas lounge style show featuring… an octopus. This is one of the real laugh-out-loud moments of the show.

Technically, it’s an octopus wearing a smaller octopus on her head. I’m just going to assume it’s a she, anyway.

Lance and Hunk are disappointed, but still having a good time. The food is good after all, and we get a few more great lines and gags.

Lance wakes up elsewhere. During the night, he’s kidnapped by what turns out to be the Mermaid Rebels. The Mermaid Resistance. And then things get weirder.

The Mermaid Women’s March?

The mermaid rebels from Voltron - The Depths

These are, bar none, the most hilariously inept rebels ever depicted in a cartoon. They range from incompetent to truly insane. Weird Al Yankovic provides voice acting for the biggest kook in the bunch, a conspiracy theorist who insists that everyone wear jellyfish on their head so that the Queen can’t “detect their brains”.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that the Queen can, in fact, detect their brains.

It turns out that Lance and Hunk were “mind swished” by the Queen, and the rebels do have one thing on their side. They have a little fish that looks like something out of Finding Nemo that releases a cloud of ink. Blast someone in the face with that poor fish’s butt, and the mind control spell goes poof.

The mermaid city from Voltron - The Depths

Meanwhile, Hunk is still at the mermaid palace. He starts to suspect that something might be up, but the Queen quickly feeds him some more food. That seems to be where the mind-swish juice is, and it all comes from a strange glowing garden in the distance.

After regaining control of Hunk, the Queen sends one of her servants to “take a swim in the garden” as punishment for letting the rebels take Lance. It’s very Children of the Corn, and we don’t see her again.

The mermaid who gets eaten by the garden is voiced by Mae Whitman, best known as Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Andrea Romano alumni unite!

The Blue Voltron Lion struggling with the garden monster

After another round of truly amazing technobabble and rambling, the rebels and Lance are ready to make their attack. During the battle, Lance manages to de-mind control both Hunk and the Queen. It turns out the Garden itself is the real villain, and she’s been under its direct control.

The pilots hop into their Lions, the Garden rises up into a giant sea monster, and it’s on!

Great art and effects on the Garden monster. The grass turning into fur or scales is especially striking.

After a pretty intense action sequence in which the Blue Lion turns out to have special underwater powers (who’d have thunk it?), it’s over.

Pidge emerges from a wormhole just as everyone is celebrating the victory, and the team is together again. Good ep!

Random Thoughts

Blue Paladin Lance in Voltron - The Depths

Random Thoughts

  • “I don’t need pants… I’m a mermaid!”
  • Although the mermaid palace is very reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, the rebels’ hideout is decidedly not. It’s downright creepy, and more resembles the Realm of Monsters in Moana.
  • Once again, the show doesn’t credit the voice actors. Mae Whitman, Kari Wahlgren, and Alyson Stoner appear as mermaids, but it’s tough to tell which is which. Weird Al is unmistakable, of course.
  • Speaking of Weird Al… “Are you a scientist?” “No!”. I find myself wondering if his dialog was improvised. It’s not unheard of.
  • The hilarity of the rebel leader somehow butting into Lance and Lance’s signature Voltron split-screen conversation was only topped by Hunk noticing and questioning how that’s even possible.
  • If the Blue Lion has special abilities in water, how about the others? Does Green work best in space? Black work best when moping?

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