Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E5 “Eye of the Storm”

The new Voltron getting good! If you haven’t seen yet, you ought to watch it! The whole thing is available on Netflix, so binge away.

If you’re already a fan, you know the drill. The new series is chock full of references and in-jokes, and it has a serialized story. That’s right, just like shows that weren’t based on toys! Voltron is actually worth watching now. It bears discussion and thought, and it’s just plain fun. Let’s go!

Voltron Season 2, Episode 5 Recap – “Eye of the Storm”

Voltron Episode 5 Title Card

Episode 5 opens with the resolution of last episode’s cliffhanger. Thankfully.

The writers of this show have a twisted sense of humor, but it doesn’t quite extend to just ignoring the outcome of a cliffhanger. Yet.

The team has just freed the techno-druid Alkari from their Galra overlords. Just as they were about to get some much-needed rest, the entire Galra fleet shows up.

Of course, the real cliffhanger is completely tied up right away as Coran picks up his toy cubes. Whew!

Tired, exhausted, scared, and outgunned, the team flees. The Galra track them down, again and again. The Paladins must fight for their lives constantly and relentlessly. Unable to rest, the team starts to go just a little bit crazy.

Heads up: This episode is a sendup of “33” from Battlestar Galactica. And it is awesome!

The new Voltron Defense Drones

“Eye of the Storm” introduces a new toy for the Paladins to play with. Each pilot has a small attack drone to fly against the Galra fleet. They pilot them from the safety of the bridge, and each drone is even color-coded to match its pilot.

The drones look like little flying saucers, and we get some fun gags as the Paladins jockey for position around the Castle, banging each other out of the way.

It’s interesting how they bring out the drones with no introduction and no fanfare. Must not be a toy based on them.

We also get the first indication that the Paladins are not up to the challenge they face. Hunk’s cranky, Allura’s exhausted from powering the jump drive, and Coran has developed a harmless but disgusting illness.

His mucus glands are working overtime, coating him in a slick fluid. It’s called “the slipperies”, and it apparently affects Altaens of a certain age.

Coran has a disease called The Slipperies.

The slipperies are the sole source of comic relief in this very series episode. And it’s pretty gross.

In between fighting off waves of Galra, the Paladins do their best to grab some R&R. We get to see the hobbies of the team for the first time in a series of vignettes.

The Avatar people love to do little short stories like this.

It turns out Hunk loves to cook, and he’s working on baking cookies. Pidge wanders in to check on him and wonders aloud if the stuff he’s making is actually edible.

Turns out the cookies are… not great. They’re transparent, and look more like CDs than pastries.

Kind of thought Hunk was solely interested in eating, not cooking. The more you know!

Pidge gets the bright idea that the baking might go better if they knew what the ingredients were, so she wanders off to learn some Altean.

Keith and Lance stuck in an elevator shaft.

Meanwhile, Keith and Lance have the same bright idea. The Castle has a swimming pool, and they each want a quick dip before nodding off.

We get a great awkward elevator scene as the two of the try to ignore each other (they hate each other, remember). Then the elevator breaks down, of course.

The show does a great job of faking out the viewer with an implied “

Next shot: Keith and Lance have busted out of the elevator and are trying to climb the shaft by bracing back-to-back. They’re already good at working together, and are able to do so while still hating each other’s guts.

They’re like Jim and Dwight in spaaace!

Voltron's Pidge learning a foreign language.

Pidge is having a nice time playing an Altean learning game with a cute holographic bear, until she realizes the safeties are turned off. The bear nearly kills her before she gets the tricky Altean pronunciation right. And then the game moves up a level.

At length, the Galra fleet arrives again. We get another round of air hockey drones, and few more fun gags. Coran’s skating wildly around the engine room while Pidge tries to help him.

Eventually, he learns to ice skate. On his snot.

The drones are called Defense Drones, it seems. Were they really not mentioned before?

The Castle jumps away again, the Galra fleet zooms through the space where it was, and the Castle arrives at Ragnar Anchorage.

Ragnar Anchorage from Battlestar Galactica

Well, it may as well be.

The Voltron version of Ragnar Anchorage

Here’s where they actually arrive.

In this world, though, the storm doesn’t protect them from discovery by the Galra. Zarkon is using his psionic link to the Black Lion to track them, and it’s not affected by radiation. The fleet shows up, and the team is screwed.

Hopping into the Lions, the Paladins head out to do what they can. It’s fairly easy for the highly maneuverable Lions (and later Voltron) to lead Galra fighters into the worst areas of the storm. Of course, that’s not enough. There’s still the flagship to contend with, and Voltron retreats.

Another imaginative space battle sequence. We’ve seen Voltron take on equally huge monsters many times, but rarely do we see it in a pitched battle against starfighters. It’s like a Jedi cutting through Stormtroopers.

Team Voltron looking a little strained

In the final sequence, Coran is desperately trying to repair the jump engine so Allura can get them out of there. The key to the engine’s operation is a laser reflecting off an array of mirrored discs, and most of them are broken. Thankfully, it turns out that’s what Hunk’s cookies actually are.

Let’s… let’s not get into the snot-skating.

Coran’s slipperies finally have their moment, and he slides around on a wave of his own snot, coating the Paladins, the mirrors, and everything else in the iridescent goo.

Thanks for that.

And the day is saved, and the Castle escapes!

Random Thoughts

An odd angle on Coran and the Voltron Paladins

  • Nothing saying the Galra can’t jump after them again immediately after. Of course, they’ve lost a large portion of their fighters.
  • Favorite line is a toss-up between “I have tired eyes!” and “Are your sure you’re making food?”
  • When turned sideways for flight, the Castle even looks like the Galactica. I don’t mind a bit.
  • The slipperies were explained in detail at the beginning of the episode, then barely figured in until the very end. Chekhov’s Snot.
  • Sitting inside the jump engine as it fires really does seem dangerous. It’s a lot like the Death Star laser. Coran’s bedside manner is, as always, impeccable.

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