Lego Batman Movie Released, Kicks Butt

Promotional art from The Lego Batman MovieHeralding a new Golden Age of cartoons about toys is this week’s release of The Lego Batman Movie. The Will Arnett-voiced spin-off is set to tear up the box office with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94%.

By all accounts, the film is every bit as good as the original Lego Movie, despite its smaller scope. Batman was the highlight of the first movie anyway, and adding in the rest of the Batverse is a logical step.

The Lego Batman Movie features celebrity voice casting in just about every role. Michael Cera plays Robin, Zach Galifianakis is the Joker, and Conan O’Brien is The Riddler.

Most of the casting is of the sort that makes one say “Oh, that makes sense!” Jenny Slate was awe-inspiringly insane on Parks & Recreation, so why not let her play ultimate crazy girl Harley Quinn?

Kate Micucci as Clayface is the headscratcher, and her incongruous casting probably going to be the centerpiece of a running gag.

Casting comedian Doug Benson as the voice of Bane is particularly inspired. Benson’s been making fun of Tom Hardy’s nasally version of the villain for years, and it’s a treat to hear him let loose.

And finally, in her first appearance in a major motion picture, is Siri as the Batcomputer. Yes, the voice of the iPhone.

The Lego Batman Movie opens on February 10th in theaters nationwide.

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