Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E7 “Space Mall”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewThe last episode of Voltron season 2 was pretty heavy. We tied up a few plot threads, and opened up many more. Things have gotten downright serious out there in the big wide galaxy, and it almost doesn’t seem like a sure thing that the good guys will win.

Definitely time for some comic relief! “Space Mall”, the seventh episode of the season, is a light-hearted romp through the sillier side of the Voltron universe. We’ve got plenty of gags, several hilarious one-off characters, and a storyline that doesn’t mean life or death for the entire galaxy.

Let’s recap!

Voltron Season 2, Episode 7 Recap – “Space Mall”

Voltron Episode 7 Title Card

We open up moments after the end of the previous episode. The gang is standing around the Castle having finally escaped the Galra fleet… for the moment.

Strangely, there’s not a single mention of the ongoing threat of pursuit in this episode. That’s ok.

The Paladins are discussing next steps, and Shiro is pressing his conclusion that Zarkon must be tracking them through his bond with the Black Lion. He decides he needs to strengthen his bond with the Lion.

Otherwise, the Black Lion will just go running back to Zarkon every time the team tries to fight him.

Meanwhile, Coran is racking his brains to find a new source of the engine-critical lenses that he gunked up last episode. They’re obsolete tech, the Castle being ten thousand years old, and not an item they can find at the corner store.

He suddenly remembers a black market he used to frequent.

Coran's slideshow of the swap moon

A swap moon.

That’s no moon. That’s a fully functional space mall!

The swap moon is dangerous, but Coran clearly has some fond memories of the place. And a slide show. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy, so to speak, and he’s positive that they can find the lenses there.

Shiro heads down to visit the Black Lion, Coran and the remaining Paladins set out for the swap moon, and Allura… twiddles her thumbs. Literally.

Poor Allura is almost entirely left out of this episode. Her whole storyline is one scene in which the mice put on a circus show to entertain her.

Lance is still hoping to spend some quality time with Allura, but Coran wins out and she stays behind.

Interestingly, it seems to be mutual this time. Allura’s trying to convince Coran that she needs to come along just as hard as Lance is.

Shiro meditating

Down in the hangar bay, Shiro is sitting in the Black Lion. He’s exploring his psychic link to the Black Lion, or meditating, or praying, or who knows.

Suddenly, the Black Lion just takes off. Shiro’s hanging on for dear life as the Lion twists and turns through space and executes a jump.

Done. Skedaddles. Late! Black Lion… out.

The rest of the team has arrived at the Swap Moon and donned clever disguises. They really are clever disguises, and look more like discarded character designs than a one-off gag.

Disguises worn by Team Voltron at the space mall

They’re detailed to the point that I wonder if they are references to other anime or video games, but I couldn’t find any specific references.

Anyone know? Coran’s eyepatch isn’t much, but the four Paladins look like entirely different characters.

The team enters the moon, and find that things have changed. Far from the exotic market of Coran’s memory, the place is three floors of clean, modern, steel and glass construction. Small storefronts are arranged in perfect rows, and maddeningly inoffensive music softly echoes through the halls.

It’s a mall.

A space mall.

The gentrified space mall in Voltron


It’s not all Cinnabon and Hot Topics, though. Emperor Zarkon’s grip extends to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, and he’s installed a Galra overlord here to see that the market stays calm.

His name is Varkon, and he is Space Paul Blart.

Varkon doesn’t have a lot to do this episode, but the few scenes he does have are gold.

Varkon, Space Mall Cop

The team splits up to look for the lenses, though the Paladins are clearly more interested in having some fun.

It needs to be said, the space mall does seem to be a peaceful, functional commerce hub. Maybe the Galra Empire isn’t so bad for the ordinary people.

As all this is going on, Shiro and the Black Lion have arrived at their destination. It’s a burned-out husk of a planet. It looks like the place has been literally hollowed out and melted, and it’s surrounded by an asteroid belt. Like the Death Star showed up but didn’t finish the job.

The Lion asks Shiro to “see through its eyes”. Shiro does so, and is mentally transported to the past.

The destroyed homeworld of the Black Lion

The planet is still melted and hollowed out, but has trees on it now. What happened to this place?

Shiro realizes this was the Lion’s homeworld, and they head down to explore.

Back at the mall, Hunk has found the food court. He has no money, but quickly locates a free sample station and starts chowing down.

The proprietor is called Vrepit Sal, and he’s an alien combination of The Soup Nazi, Jiro Ono, and Guy Fieri.

Vrepit Sal, of the space mall food court

It turns out they’re not free samples, and he’s on the hook for all the food he ate. Hunk ends up handcuffed in the kitchen, washing dishes for all eternity.

The fellow prisoner who tells him he’s not getting out is hereby dubbed Beardy Old Space Smurfette.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having some light-hearted shopping adventures. Keith locates a shady knife salesman (he’s clearly inspired by Billy Mays and the old infomercial crowd) and asks if he’ll appraise his Galra knife.

Cool knife.

That’s the one that is identical to the Blade of Marmora (marmoset) ceremonial knives. The salesman tries to con him out of the knife, and Keith ends up smacking him down and taking another knife for good measure.

Kind of a jerk move. Varkon, Mall Cop leaps into action!

On a flying Segway. It’s great.

The different mall storylines start to merge at this point, as Varkon closes in on his prey.

Kaltenecker, the flying cow

Hunk is now in charge at the food stand, thanks to his amazing chef skills. Vrepit Sal has no conception of food that people actually like to eat, and he’s happy to let Hunk lead the way.

Lance and Pidge found a store full of Earth stuff and bought a game console. It came with a cow that rides around on some kind of flying platform.

They wander by Hunk just as Varkon shows up, and all three of them end up riding the cow through the air. Varkon pursues on his Space Segway.

They pick up Keith and Coran (who has just completed negotiations for a lens) and head out.

Shiro's spirit realm battle

Shiro, during all this, has learned that Zarkon (that’s the cool one, not the Mall Cop) built the Black Lion on that burned out planet alongside Allura’s father. Zarkon invades the vision, and the two have a Doctor Strange-style psychic battle.

Allura got her hair braided all funny by the mice… and that’s all that happens with her.

Confident that Zarkon can no longer track them after Shiro defeated him on the psychic plane, the team heads out to find the Blade of Marmora rebels.

And that’s about it! No real plot developments this episode, but we needed a break after the heavy events of the first half of the season.

Random Thoughts

Allura's new hairdo

  • There were far too many jokes and gags to recap in this article. It’s a great episode with a very dense script.
  • Anyone who’s traveled in a foreign country has experienced some version of Pidge’s bathroom drama.
  • “Mmm, rubbery!”
  • The game console that Pidge and Lance take home looks to be a Dreamcast, and the owner of the Earth store is clearly a Grey.
  • “Sustenance unit complete. Ingest.”
  • Here are all the offers and counteroffers Coran goes through for the lens.
    • A piece of pocket lint.
    • Your firstborn child.
    • A used handkerchief.
    • Your left foot.
    • I’ll sing you a song!
    • Be my butler for a year!
    • 2 Altean bills
    • 5 Valuuvian Ingots
    • An IOU? Sure! For 10 ingots!
    • My Olkari cube. Winner!

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