Major Voice Acting Stars in Portland This Weekend

Voice actors appearing at Wizard World Portland 2017If you’re in the Portland, OR area and weren’t planning to head to Wizard World Comic Con, well, maybe you should. They’ve booked some truly top-tier names for voice acting fans.

Wizard World is kind of the McDonald’s of comic cons. Wizard World, Inc. is a publicly traded company (OTCQB: WIZD) that puts on over a dozen cons every year all over the country.

Although some fans aren’t happy about their favorite cons getting bought up by a corporation, it does mean that a Wizard World event can bring some serious star power to bear.

So, bottom line, fans in Portland will have the chance to meet Kevin Conroy, Alan Tudyk, and Charles Martinet this weekend.

It’s a fair bet that every single person reading The Vocal Range is already very familiar with Kevin Conroy. If by some strange event you’re not (maybe you took a wrong turn?), he’s the voice of Batman in animation. Although other voice actors have taken up the cape and cowl, fans are nearly unanimous in choosing Conroy as their favorite.

Alan Tudyk, although he’s best remembered as the pilot Wash in Firefly, has been making a name for himself in voice acting for years. He’s played Superman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and plenty of non-super roles like King Candy in Wreck-it Ralph. Most recently, he provided the voice and motion capture for K-2SO, the snarky battle droid in Rogue One.

Interestingly, that’s the second time he’s done voice and motion capture for a robot. Tudyk also played Sonny, the title character in I, Robot.

Finally, Charles Martinet. Even more so than Kevin Conroy, Martinet is defined by a single role. He’s been the voice of Mario, that bouncy Italian plumber, for 22 years. Take a look at his IMDB filmography, and you’ll see a stream of Marios a mile long, broken only by a single appearance as… Gimli. Martinet played the dwarf in The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Guess he has a thing for playing hairy short dudes.

Wizard World Comic Con is in Portland, OR from Feb 17-19. Tickets are available on the Wizard World website.

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