Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E9 “The Belly of the Weblum”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewThis is the recap of episode 9 of Voltron season 2, and there’s a clear pattern in the structure of the season. They’re alternating goofy episodes like “Space Mall” with serious episodes like “Eye of the Storm”.

The greatness of the show is that both styles advance the primary plot, and both have room for spectacular action and even some character development. Last week we had the mostly humorless and entirely Voltron-less “The Blade of Marmora”, in which Keith finally accepted his Galra heritage.

This week, we’re back to some fun stuff. Namely, it’s a Hunk episode. This is, surprisingly, another episode in which Voltron itself doesn’t, uh, form, but it has plenty of actual nonetheless.

Voltron Season 2, Episode 9 Recap – “The Belly of the Weblum”

Voltron Ep9 Title

Once again, we open minutes after the end of the last episode. The Blade of Marmora has allied with Team Voltron, and their next mission is rescuing the Marmora spies from Varkon’s fleet.

Hunk is nodding off as the rest of the team argues and strategizes about how to do this exactly. He wakes up with a start, and Pidge tells him they’ve figured out what to do. Also, he’s been sleeping longer than he thought.

Ok, I guess we opened two hours after the end of the last episode.

This is how Hunk sleeps.

We get some additional seeds of strife within the team. Allura really doesn’t like Galra, and she’s openly considering ditching Keith now that he definitely has a Galra or two in his family tree.

Meanwhile, Lance recaps the plan for Hunk. He does this about three times faster than he needs to, with lots of weird facial expressions and bodily contortions.

It’s very Sokka. Another reminder that Voltron is the next project from Studio Mir.

Lance channeling his inner Sokka.

Basically, they’re going to upload a virus to Zarkon’s flagship, then suck it through a giant wormhole. Voltron will be ready to fight on the other side. Zarkon won’t be ready, thanks to the virus.

To make this happen, they need to gather a whole lot of scoltrite. That’s the stuff they make warp lenses out of, and that Hunk sometimes makes cookies from.

They also need some other things that Lance doesn’t really get into. Seems like another few episodes where the team is split up, like the season’s beginning.

Hunk, sadly, does not get his wish to return to the Space Mall.

Thace is in some trouble.

Meanwhile back on the Galra flagship, Zarkon is still trying to track the Black Lion. That doesn’t work anymore, but he’s intent on trying until it succeeds.

There’s also a very small B-plot of Thace attempting to cover his tracks. He’s been assigned a “partner” in the form of one of Haggar’s disciples, and it’s a pretty sure bet Zarkon’s going to figure out that Thace has been aiding Team Voltron.

Also, Lance is still hitting on Allura. She’s not as into it this time.

At length, Keith and Hunk arrive at the Weblum. It’s a giant space worm, a lot like the Exogorth, that apparently naturally produces scoltrite. The Voltron boys are following the instructions of a hilarious corporate-style training video left by Coran… ten thousand years ago.

Coran's training video.

They really nailed the look and feel of those training videos, right down to VHS corruption.

We get some nice Fantastic Voyage style battles with giant bacteria and races down arteries, as Keith and Hunk are split up.

Keith ends up on top of a Galra fighter that was eaten by the Weblum.


Keith makes a friend. Or does he?

Somehow, the pilot is still alive! He or she doesn’t talk, but the two form an uneasy alliance against the dangers of the Weblum.

We get the classic scene where the Galra looks like he’s going to shoot Keith, but actually shoots some baddies behind him. That’s how you know it’s an uneasy alliance.

The new trio is reunited in the Weblow’s third stomach, where the scoltrite is created.

The Weblum and the Yellow Lion face off.

Hunk figures out that they one of them needs to provoke the Weblum into firing its laser weapon, while the other two stay inside to collect the scoltrite.

This leads to the single best line of the entire show. Possibly any show. Ever.

Here’s the other bit of Lion action in the entire episode. They’ve been awfully light on forming Voltron lately, and it can only be leading up to something huge when the team finally fights Zarkon.

Hunk and the Yellow Lion tick off the Weblum and frantically try not to get blasted away by the laser. Inside the belly of the beast, Keith is having his own brief struggle with the Galra pilot. He (or she… we don’t know) wants to take some of the scoltrite. Keith doesn’t put up much of a fuss, since they have so much scoltrite anyway, and the pilot leaves with a full sack.

Keith betrayed by the Galra pilot.

And that’s about it. Hunk and Keith have a nice moment as they fly off with the rest of the haul. It’s clear that Hunk doesn’t have any issue with Keith’s heritage, and Keith seems to be making peace with it as well.

Allura’s the only real problem there. I predict some major strife in the next few episodes.

Random Thoughts

Hunk having issues inside the Weblum.

  • I think Hunk’s needling Keith about his Galra blood was serious at first, or at least more serious than Hunk let on. By the end, he’s clearly accepted it.
  • Finally, the Yellow Lion’s patented Beefy Claws saved the day!
  • Was the Weblum in Coran’s training video played by kid Allura?
  • Young Coran sure was muscly.
  • “Of course, these are no gentle giants. They’re actually giants that are quite deadly!”
  • “Wow, Galra Keith is way funnier than regular Keith!”
  • “If we want that third stomach line to secrete the ooze, I need to get farted out of the Weblum’s butt and attack the face getting it to fire its laser puke! For the sake of the universe, I’ll provoke the beast!”
  • We don’t know that the Galra pilot really was a Galra. His clothes didn’t match the other Galra soldiers, and we never see his face.

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