The Oscars Come to Zootopia

A parody movie poster made by the Zootopia teamThe 89th Academy Awards are coming right up on Saturday, February 28th. As previously reported, there’s a very strong animation category this year. One contender is already making waves.

Disney’s in the interesting, enviable, and not unprecedented situation of competing against itself in the category. The Best Animated Feature Film category includes both Moana and Zootopia. My personal bet is on Moana, despite Zootopia’s wonderful job of tackling some very adult themes in the trappings of “funny animals”.

Moana has that old-school Disney magic, and Zootopia’s more like a cop story that happens to be a cartoon.

In any case, the Zootopia folks just launched a major pun assault onto an unsuspecting populace. You see, the city of Zootopia has its own version of the Oscars. And why wouldn’t it? They have their own Shakira, after all.

Disney has produced a complete set of Zootopia-inspired parody posters for this year’s Oscar nominees. You can view them all on the Oh My Disney site.

From Meryl Squeak (political!) to Jeff Otterton (I’m not sure who they’re referring to), and from La La Lamb to Hogsaw Ridge, the whole gamut is there. The only films missing are the animated features.

I would have killed to see a Zootopia poster with the voice actors standing there dressed as the characters. You listening, Disney?

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