Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E10 “Escape from Beta Traz”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewWe’re nearing the final chapter of Voltron season 2. It’s come down to the team splitting up again, this time to gather the materials and expertise needed to trap Zarkon on the other side of the galaxy.

The showrunners broke the pattern this time around. The last several episodes have basically alternated serious with comedic storylines. Episode 9, “Escape from Beta Traz” is a solid mix of the two. It’s a prison break scenario, and we get plenty of gags with two very different sorts of prisoners to rescue. And of course, there’s plenty of humor anytime Lance is around.

At the same time, this episode features some of the best action in the series that doesn’t involve Voltron itself. Once again, the big guy doesn’t make an appearance, and there’s barely even any Lion scenes.

Must be saving up for that finale.

Voltron Season 2, Episode 9 Recap – “Escape from Beta Traz”

Voltron Episode 10 Escape from Beta Trax

This episode shows what Lance, Pidge, and Shiro have been up to. Each team member has their own part to play in preparing for the final battle, and they all need to track down the right tools.

Looking for junk for their crazy plan.

It turns out what this trio needs to find is some help. They’ve arrived at the notorious space prison Beta Traz, and they’re looking to spring a brilliant scientist named Slav.

Presumably Slav’s part in the grand plan is to create the computer virus that will disable Zarkon’s flagship, but they never actually say.

Pidge and Shiro launched into spaceWe’re treated to a genuinely cool scene in which the Blue Lion launches Pidge and Shiro out of its mouth at full speed. They do a great job communicating the fear and tension of the situation, as each of the Paladins almost pancake against the side of the station.

It’s very Space Marine. The physics don’t look quite right when Shiro nabs Pidge with his safety line, but that’s okay.

In the dark future of the 41st century, there is only Voltron.

The heist planning sceneOnce Pidge and Shiro are aboard, Pidge pulls some hacker magic to disable the station security so Lance can land.

We get a neat heist movie scene where the trio look over the blueprints for the station. It seems that the prison is spread over three levels. Drones protect all three levels. Level 2 adds immobilizing foam guns, and level 3 holds something secret.

Still waiting for that Voltron video game!

Lance and Shiro split up to check out both levels at once, while Pidge stays behind to operate the computer and talk in their ears. Again, very heist movie.

Zarkon kills one of Haggar's disciplesDuring all this, we get our requisite “Ten Seconds of Zarkon”. He’s getting so frustrated with his inability to track the Black Lion that he kills one of Haggar’s disciples. At the end of the episode, he makes an ominous reference to his armor, and how it will let him go toe-to-toe with Voltron.

And that was your Ten Seconds of Zarkon. Tune in next week for Punching Kittens… Galra Style!

While Pidge is running the operation, she also has the computer scanning for any records of her brother. Did you completely forget about that plotline? I sure did.

We’re also introduced to the Warden, a very large, very scary, and very four-armed Galra. He has some sort of pet werewolf-looking thing that eats soldiers but loves belly rubs.

He’s a good boy!

Voltron's Lance and LaikaAt length, both Shiro and Lance rescue a prisoner. Lance rescues the werewolf thing, which he believes to be Slav. The audience is almost sure he’s wrong, but can’t quite be certain.

It doesn’t help that the werewolf can talk. Sure, it’s just one word (Yup!), but it’s enough to fool Lance and make us wonder.


Slav from VoltronShiro, on the other hand, has sprung possibly the funniest side character in the entire series. Slav has eight arms, a Pakistani accent (thanks to voice actor Iqbal Theba… the principal in Glee), and looks like a cross between a platypus and a pigeon. A platypigeon.

It’s very Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Slav is brilliant but suffers from a range of phobias and a bit of OCD. He can’t leave his cell without making his bed, he has trouble crossing over puddles and stepping on cracks, and he’s overall making life difficult for Shiro.

Slav is very OCD and full of worryMeanwhile, the Warden is informed that his beloved werewolf thing has escaped. Its name is Laika, it turns out.

Laika is named after the First Dog in Space. True story. The name is also a clue that she’s a girl, which is a throwaway gag at the end of the episode.

Lance is getting to know Laika and also having a bit of a Zeppo issue. A Guy issue. He’s unsure of his place on the team. Everyone has a special talent, and he thought he was the sharpshooter, but he’s not sure anyone else sees it that way.

So maybe he’s not good for anything.


The big escape from Beta TrazAt this point, we kick into high gear for the big escape. The Warden catches up with Lance and Laika, although oddly Laika seems to prefer Lance’s company.

Shiro and Slav are trying to navigate a hallway that doesn’t agree with the scientist, and Pidge ends up turning off the gravity so they can fly over it on Shiro’s jetpack.

Pidge’s facial recognition search finally turns up something, and she watches footage of her brother being broken out of the prison by some rebels.

These aren’t Blade of Marmora types in Quarian suits. They look more like the Mad Max outfits worn by the team in “Space Mall”.

Both prisoners and their Voltron boys are zipping back to Pidge on their jetpacks, and everyone ends up in the hangar bay. Including the Warden.

The Beta Trax warden goes full BaneHe reveals his secret power at this point and goes full Bane. Laika helps against the rank-and-file Galra soldiers, but can’t do much about the big guy.

Slav opens the airlock door and sucks everyone out, Lance saves Slav from capture with a well-placed rifle shot, and everyone is safe.

He really is the sharpshooter!

The nicest thing about this episode? The Warden really does love Laika. He’s not even too bothered about the escape. The safety of his pet is way more important.

Next up, we get to see what Allura’s been up to!

Random Thoughts

Slav gets nabbed

  • Shiro’s voice actor seemed a little off this episode. Listen to the funny way he says “Beta Traz”. Later, he actually misreads a line and says “rat” instead of “route”.
  • We never did find out what’s on level 3, if I’m not mistaken.
  • “Dibs for the closer one! What? My legs are tired.
  • Shiro totally stole that kill from Lance.
  • Laika is of a species called Yuppers, as Slav eventually explains. “You’re an animal?” “Yup!” “Ah, I see the confusion.”
  • The best part of the episode is Lance’s one-sided conversation with Laika. Marmorites!

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