Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E11 “Stayin’ Alive”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewI’ll tell you up front, this episode of Voltron season 2 is kind of a nothing. Filler.

And that’s a real shame, because it should have been great. Where the prior two episodes focused on the Paladins gathering their pieces for Coran’s patented crazy plan to defeat Zarkon, this one shows Allura’s end of things.

We haven’t had an Allura episode yet! This should have been great! Unfortunately, what we get is, well, not very much at all. After several very plot-dense tales, “Stayin’ Alive” is just an excuse for an admittedly great action sequence.

The title doesn’t even make sense.

No Hunk and Coran disco dancing 🙁

Voltron Season 2, Episode 10 Recap – “Stayin’ Alive”

Voltron Ep11 Title

As we open, Allura is playing a game with the mice. Specifically, they’re playing Charades, with the mice naturally doing the pantomime end.

She really is weirdly close with those mice.

Voltron Mice Stacked

After a minute or two of this, Coran calls to check in. It turns out he’s been working with the Alkari to build the wormhole generator, while Allura is meant to grab a giant scoltrite crystal from the Balmera.

The Alkari are the techno-Druids, not the squicky tardigrades. And the Balmera is the big living asteroid that the Voltron team freed from the Galra last season.

Allura makes her way over to the Balmera and lands the Castle. The Balmeran miners are happy to see her, although one of the female Balmerans is a little disappointed that Hunk’s not around.

Voltron Castle Balmera

Only a tiny bit disappointed, though. Sorry, Hunk!

Allura notices that the Robeast from their previous visit is still sealed away in its crystal tomb… and the Robeast notices her, as well. And at this point we get the first bit of our Ten Seconds of Zarkon interlude aboard the Galra flagship.

Let’s just run it down quickly: Haggar’s disciple who has been helping Thace find the “traitor” (it’s Thace, if you don’t recall) turns up a Space USB Stick with some data on it.

He shows the drive to Haggar, who orders him to put it back where he found it as a trap. Thace promptly falls for the trap, and by the end of the episode is being tortured.

Voltron Allura Happy

And that was your Ten Seconds of Zarkon.

Back on the Balmera, Allura draws an enormous crystal out of the ground. We don’t get to see her shine that often, but Allura really a very powerful and very cool character. She opens wormholes with her mind, man!

Reminds me of Dune’s Guild Navigators.

This is apparently enough of a ruckus for the Robeast to break free of its prison, and it promptly attacks. The Balmerans run, and Allura hops into the Castle to try and fight it.

Voltron Allura Crytsal

Meanwhile, Hunk and Keith are still on their way back from their last adventure, and still arguing about whether Keith is a Galra.

The other three Paladins are also on their way back from their last adventure, OCD platypigeon in tow. Turns out he likes wormholes!

Voltorn Balmera Robeast Monster

Allura calls in everyone to help her against the Robeast. She’s been hammering it with the Castle’s weapons, but it’s just not making a dent.

Until the last few minutes, the remainder of the episode is an admittedly cool action sequence. The Paladins show up right away, but there’s a problem: Three of the Lions are still in the Castle hangars, and Allura doesn’t dare lower the shields to let the pilots in.

Voltron Keith Spacewalk

They engage in some fancy flying where one Lion gets the attention of the Robeast while the other lands to offload pilots, and then switch out. Yellow takes a direct hit, and is saved by the rest. Keith takes a direct hit while outside of his Lion, but is apparently OK.


Once all five Lions are finally deployed, the battle is pretty much over. They form Voltron and defeat the monster with a single blow.

This was the first time in the entire season Voltron has formed, and they really give us a long, loving look at the assembly sequence. It’s always made up of interchangeable bits of footage, Sailor Moon style, but this time they show every single piece.

And that’s right. They literally defeat the monster with a single strike of the sword. Realistic, perhaps, but anticlimactic.

Voltron Full Attack

At the end, there’s a nice scene with the five Paladins talking about what will happen after they take down Zarkon. Shiro doesn’t think they’ll need to be Paladins at all anymore. Most of the other Paladins seem fine with that.

Coran and Allura have a touching moment as well. Coran begins to tell Allura he’s worried for her safety, but backs down when she tells him she’s perfectly aware of the risk. His response is to tell her that she’s become a great leader. It’s her place and her prerogative to make that sacrifice.

Voltron Team Determined

It’s a very nice bit of dialog that could have gone very differently.

Oh, and we get a great stinger with Allura. She hates Keith now that he’s been revealed as part Galra. The look she shoots him is possibly the most intense thing we’ve seen on the entire show. Kind of racist, Allura!

Next episode can only be the final battle with Zarkon, but there are two episodes left! Two-parter, anyone?

Random Thoughts

Voltron Allura Hates Keith

  • This episode begins with a recap of season 2, and ends with a recap of season 1. Both are in dialog, and both are surprisingly complete. Do the showrunners think of this episode as a jumping-on point for new viewers?
  • “Crack a squoozle on the Balmera!”
  • Haggar’s disciple turns up data on the “outbound quantum entanglement chain.” That is some high-quality technobabble!
  • I love Hunk’s facial expression when he’s trying to see if Keith is turning purple.
  • Despite the fun action scene and the nice bit at the end, this is by far the worst episode of season 2. Allura just can’t win, and will we ever get a Coran episode?
  • It was nice to see the Alkari and Balmerans again, and a namedrop of the Tardigrades is plenty. Yick! Wonder if Zarkon will have a similar reunion with his secret weapon: Mall Cop Varkon?

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