Moana Prodigy Off the Charts Cute

Baby MoanaUnabashed Disney fan here. For all their McDonald’s corporate perfection, for all their penchant to take over the world of geekdom, they put out a consistently great product and have a great message.

And besides, nobody could deny that McDonald’s fries are delicious.

That’s why I have no problem highlighting fluffy stories like this 4-year-old girl who got to live her dream and sing Oscar-nominated song “How Far I’ll Go” with Auli’i Cravalho, the voice of Moana herself. Claire Ryann Crosby and her dad have carved out a little bit of Internet fame with her shockingly strong singing ability (for a toddler, anyway).

On their YouTube channel, Crosby knocks it out of the park with a variety of Disney favorites, including “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (Aladdin) and “Part of Your World” (The Little Mermaid). On a recent episode of Ellen, she got to show off her skills to another girl who’s way too young to have so much talent.

The Moana voice actress is already developing her career. She was cast in upcoming series Drama High the day after the Oscars. That’s a Glee-style live-action series about a high school drama department. Pretty familiar stuff for Auli’i, who is only 16 herself.

It’s not totally clear if Claire actually knows who her singing partner is. Her face changes to a look of awe about halfway through the song, and I’m thinking maybe she realized that she’s performing with the actual voice of Moana. Little kids can geek out about voice actors, too!

Check out the video and tell me you don’t smile.

Auli’i is sure to appear in plenty more TV shows, movies, and even stage productions in future. The real question, of course, is if we’ll be saying the same about Claire. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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