Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E12 “Best Laid Plans”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewThis is it. Part one of the stunning two-part finale to Voltron season 2. And it delivers.

All of those nearly action-free episodes, where we only got to see one or two Lions, where there wasn’t even a chance of seeing the big guy itself… it all paid off. What we have in “Best Laid Plans” is the culmination of everything that’s come before.

We see old friends and new. We see plot threads tied up. And most of all, we see explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Let’s recap!

Voltron Season 2, Episode 12 Recap – “Best Laid Plans”

As the episode opens, Team Voltron is having a final briefing with all of their new friends. The Blade of Marmora representatives are there, Slav the scientist is tinkering away, and there are quite a few Alkari as well.

The marmosets, the platypigeon, and the space druids. Got it.

Voltron Final PlanHere’s the plan in a nutshell.

  • The Black Lion will attack the Galra fleet and distract it, until…
  • Thace, the Blade of Marmora spy, can upload the virus and disable the fleet.
  • The gigantic teludav wormhole generator built by Slav will activate, sucking the fleet to the other side of the galaxy.
  • Team Voltron follows, forms Voltron, and takes down Zarkon while he’s helpless.

It’s a good plan, except for a fatal flaw. It relies on Thace.

Voltron Thace TortureTime for our Ten Seconds of Zarkon! Except this time it’s quite a bit more.

Thace was found out by Haggar’s druids last episode, and he’s still being interrogated. They haven’t quite broken into his thumb drive, but they’re getting close.

The team has no idea about this, of course, and so they’re proceeding. The Lions grab onto the teludav and heads out into space, and Allura follows with the Castle.

Shiro does an unexplained something-something in his head, and this allows Zarkon to finally track down the Black Lion. He falls for the trap, and the team gets ready for battle.

Voltron Fleet JumpThe Blade of Marmora guys realize that Thace hasn’t checked in, and finally surmise that he’s been captured. They want to call off the mission, but Keith volunteers to take his place. He’ll have to board the Galra flagship and plant the virus.

We get a nice scene between Allura and Keith where she apologizes for not trusting him. She’s pretty racist against Galra, and perhaps justifiably so, but she finally acknowledges that’s no excuse for the way she’s treated Keith.

And then the Galra fleet arrives, and all hell breaks loose.

The jump-in is very reminiscent of the end of Rogue One.

Voltron Black Lion AttackThe rest of the episode is full-bore action, and it is utterly awesome. Shiro and the Black Lion dive right in and start doing some damage. This is the distraction Keith needs to board, and he gets in without too much trouble.

The Black Lion’s attack is obviously and transparently a diversion, but Zarkon doesn’t notice. Maybe his rage is blinding him, or maybe he’s just not that great a tactician.

Meanwhile, the Castle and the teludav take up position nearby. Slav rigs up a cloaking generator to hide them, and he’s working on the gravity emitter that will suck in the disabled Galra fleet.

Voltron Slav ScaredHe’s having trouble and complaining a lot, but what else is new?

During all this, Thace escapes. He does the trick with his Marmora blade where it extends into a sword, and uses that to cut himself loose. He’s still on the job, and heads straight for a vital control room.

Cool knife. Its heart grew three sizes that day.

Voltron Thace Keith FightThat’s where Keith and Thace finally meet up, and they quickly figure out that they’re on the same side despite never having met.

Long story short, and after some genuinely great action, Thace stays behind to blow up the control room and himself while Keith escapes.

Back at the Castle, Slav rolls a critical miss and the cloaking device shuts off. The Castle and the teludav are exposed to the enemy, who immediately focus fire.

Allura knows sometimes you just have to go for it.

Voltron Flagship WormholeJust in time, of course, the bomb on the Galra ship goes off and the fleet shuts down. Allura does her thing, the teludav does its thing, and a gigantic wormhole opens up.

Haggar’s apparent death and return are a great little fakeout, though it doesn’t ultimately amount to much. Other than to show just how powerful she is.

The fleet gets sucked through to the other side of the galaxy, and Voltron and the Castle follow.

Voltron FormedHoly Cannoli, the plan worked! That’s the biggest surprise of the episode.

Allura collapses, but Coran pronounces her safe. Shiro tells Coran to hang back and let the Paladins do their part. The team forms Voltron, and… it’s over.

There’s only one episode left, and it can only be about one thing: The final battle between Voltron and Zarkon.

Random Thoughts

Voltron CIC

  • “Encryptions can be broken, just like you.”
  • Pidge is showing off the bits and pieces of Altean she learned from the killer holographic bear.
  • Keith and Thace’s fight against the Galra soldiers includes some fantastic use of Keith’s jetpack. It’s reminiscent of the thrusters that Batman uses in Under the Red Hood.
  • The title of the episode is taken from the phrase “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, meaning even the most careful schemes can fail. In this case, though, the title was a misdirection. The plan went off without a hitch!

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