Zeta Project Season 2 DVDs – DCAU Completionists Rejoice

Zeta Project

Warner Bros. recently announced the availability of The Zeta Project season 2 on DVD. The show originally aired from 2001-2002, with season 1 DVDs releasing in 2009. Season 2 never released, until now.

Longtime DCAU fans or the newly obsessed are likely flipping out already, but here’s the rundown in case you didn’t know.

The Zeta Project is the story of Infiltration Unit Zeta, an android built by the NSA as a covert assassin. He’s deadly and expendable, kind of a shinier version of Sylvester Stallone.

And his first appearance was when Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the Future, helped him escape government control when he grew a conscience.

It’s very Johnny Five, and it also means exactly what you think: The Zeta Project is a spinoff of Batman Beyond.

The show is yet another of the DC Animated Universe’s contributions to official DC Comics lore, albeit one that didn’t quite catch on as much as Harley Quinn or Batman Beyond itself. Or even as much as Static Shock.

The Zeta Project starred frequent DCAU voice actors Diedrich Bader as the android himself, Michael Rosenbaum (the voice of Wally West) as Agent West (no relation), and Lauren Tom as Agent Lee.

Following the classic “man on the run” structure of The Fugitive and The Six-Million Dollar Man, the show saw Zeta travel from town to town in search of his creator. Along the way, he helps people in need and avoids capture by government agents who can’t believe he’s turned over a new leaf.

The Season 2 DVD set is available under Warner Bros MOD program. That stands for Manufacture-on-Demand, and means that sets are printed to order. Like those t-shirts you see advertised on Facebook. It’s available for pre-order now from Amazon, with a release date of March 14th.

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