Voltron Season 2 Recap & Review – E13 “Blackout”

Voltron Season 2 Recap and ReviewWell, that’s it. Voltron season 2’s over after this last episode. Kind of sad, isn’t it?

Luckily, the finale is a doozy. It has some of the best action of the season. Even better, the episode drops some serious changes to the characters and the world they inhabit.

Even more luckily, Voltron is a huge success for DreamWorks and Netflix. So much so that the studio has accelerated production of the next season. We can expect Voltron season 3 to release in fall 2017, and it looks like the show is here for the long haul.

So then! Buck up, form the Voltron of your soul, and let’s recap one last time before the long wait!

Voltron Season 2, Episode 13 Recap – “Blackout”

Ep13 TitleInterestingly, there’s no “previously on” recap at the beginning of the episode. Voltron never has those, but this is one of the few episodes that truly is a two-parter.

Then again, who the heck wouldn’t binge watch this thing?

The episode opens seconds after the end of the last. The entire Galra fleet, including Zarkon’s flagship, was rendered inoperable by the computer virus provided by the Blade of Marmora. The giant teludav wormhole generator did its thing and sucked them all to the other end of the galaxy.

L33t marmoset hackers.

Voltron Galra Battle 1And, of course, Voltron and the Castle have followed to kick some serious Galra butt.

The genius of this episode is that all the story development happens during the epic battle. We get some major revelations about the characters and some serious changes hit them, but it all happens while Voltron is tangling with Zarkon.

To that end, the first scene has Shiro briefing the other Paladins on the attack plan. They need to quickly destroy 4 points on the flagship before its power goes back up.

It’s very much like the opening of a video game mission.

Voltron CG ShotAnd they’re off like a rocket.

Meanwhile, Haggar and Zarkon are strategizing. Zarkon heads out to put on his armor and fight Voltron personally. Haggar hates this idea, but rounds up her druids to support.

She points out that the ship’s power might be out, but her druids are still conscious, and she’s ready to throw some magic.

Back on the Castle, Allura and Coran have a nice moment. They figure their part in the battle is done. Allura’s exhausted beyond belief, and Coran’s not much better.

It’s a lot of slow setup, and it’s all happening while Voltron is flitting around, slicing the Galra fleet into ribbons. The action isn’t plot, it’s setting, and that makes it much cooler. Just assume for the rest of this recap that there are awesome explosions in the background the entire time.

Voltron Eye of TerrorAt this point, Haggar launches her attack.

Basically, she opens the Eye of Terror.

The dark portal she opens shoots out a big ray of evil and zaps Voltron dead. It sucks out its “quintessence”, the life force that Zarkon was trying to suck out of planets at the end of last season. Yeah, I forgot too.

This is the test-firing of Haggar’s Death Star. All she wanted all along was to extract power from, well, everything. And it works.

Voltron DeterminedVoltron is floating dead in space, and the Paladins are unconscious inside. Allura and Coran manage to get Shiro on the radio after some frantic hails, but the Lions are out. The Paladins can’t get the controls to work at all.

This is where things start to get real.

At this point, Zarkon makes his grand entrance. He has some super anime final form Voltron-sized armor, spiky wings and all. The mech heads out to finish off the Paladins, and everyone freaks out.

Voltron Castle AttackCoran, under Allura’s orders, aims the Castle right at Zarkon. The Princess summons the last of her strength and the Castle fires out some kind of psychic mega-laser.

Zarkon reflects it back the Castle takes a hit. A bad one. Allura lets out a blood-curdling scream as everything goes white.

It’s a very dramatic scene, and I honestly thought they might have killed off Allura.

Voltron Zarkon Battle 2Shiro gives a pretty great speech, and the Paladins manage to get Voltron up and running again through sheer force of will. Just in time to start a sword fight with Zarkon.

They seem evenly matched, though Zarkon definitely has the cooler moves.

Dig those wings turning into a shield!

Voltron Coran Allura FloatingThe fight lasts a good couple of minutes. It’s not going to last, though, because Haggar has brought the druid band back together to take another shot.

This is when we find out that Allura’s not dead. The Castle is in bad shape, but everyone inside is basically OK.

After some discussion, Allura heads out with the Blade of Marmora guys to try and take out Haggar. Slav and Coran stay behind to repair the Castle.

This shows how far Allura has come. There’s no way she would have flown with Galra, even friendly ones, just a couple of episodes ago.

Voltron Allura AssassinAllura and the Marmosets somehow fly their little grav sleds right into Haggar’s summoning chamber. We get some sweet Assassin’s Creed style action as the good guys start dismantling the druids.

Seriously, they are straight-up killing those druids. There are some brutal moves here.

Meanwhile, the anime fight continues between Voltron and Zarkon. Zarkon is clearly winning at this point, and he manages to separate the Lions. Shiro’s knocked out (again) and the other Paladins move to protect him.

And this is where things get crazy again.

Voltron Shiro BondShiro wakes up, badly injured, and can’t quite make sense of the battle going on around him. We hear snippets of audio from the other Paladins, and it’s clear that things aren’t going well.

The Black Lion shows Shiro a new console, just like we’ve seen with the other Lions. Usually the Lion’s Bayard goes into the console and activates a secret weapon. Except Shiro doesn’t have a Bayard to plug in.

Then the Lion pushes, and Shiro achieves a new level of connection with it. This is a psychedelic scene in which Shiro and the Black Lion’s minds seem to merge and become one. We actually get a shot of Shiro’s face merged with the Black Lion’s, forming a new entity.

Voltron Black Lion WingsThe Black Lion grows the huge wings we saw earlier, and charges Zarkon. It becomes incorporeal like a ghost, and passes right through the Galra mech. When it emerges, Shiro has snatched the Black Bayard right out of Zarkon’s hand.

Shiro does the obvious, forms Voltron, and places the Bayard where it goes. Voltron’s sword bursts into flame, and the fight is quickly over. Zarkon gets super blown up. Bits of Zarkon everywhere.

Magic space sword.

Over on the flagship, one of the Blade of Marmoset assassins is killed by Haggar. Allura returns fire, knocking off Haggar’s hood.

Haggar is an Altean.

Voltron Allura PinkAllura is shocked to the point of paralysis by this revelation and it seems like she might lose the fight, but then she suddenly gains some sort of magic pink love lightning and blows up everyone.

It’s not very well explained, but it does look utterly badass.

At the climax of the fight, Shiro goes down (again?), and a couple of the Lions grab him for a tow. The Castle flies over as Coran and Slav announce that they fixed it.

First and only funny moment of the episode.

The Galra fleet is starting to wake up, so everyone quickly gets back to the Castle and it hightails it back through the wormhole. The wormhole closes, the Galra fleet is trapped, and that’s that.

Voltron Shiro Line DrawingUntil two more beyond-crazy moments, right at the end.

Firstly, Zarkon is on life support. Haggar is looking over his injuries, and you can practically feel the disapproval. She calls for Prince Lotor.

Lotor is a main villain in the older Voltron series, but hasn’t yet appeared in this version of the show. Usually he’s a reluctant leader who’s in love with Allura, and that will probably continue.

And secondly, Shiro is gone. He’s disappeared. They open up the Black Lion back on the ship, and he’s just not there.

End season.


Random Thoughts

Voltron Full Team

  • The title “Blackout” has a double meaning. Firstly, both Voltron and the Galra fleet experience power outages during the episode. Secondly, Shiro’s gone by the end. The Black Paladin is out.
  • Shiro’s briefing at the beginning of the episode tells the Paladins that the Galra power will be out for 20 minutes. Guess what, that’s the length of the episode. He was spot on.
  • The gravity going out in the Castle was a great touch.
  • The Paladins go full A-Ha when Zarkon is squeezing Voltron’s head.
  • Ok, let’s go through all the crazy &@%$ that just happened.
    • Haggar is Altean.
    • Shiro retrieved his Bayard.
    • And achieved an entirely new level of connection with the Black Lion.
    • Then… disappeared.
      • Has his consciousness merged with the Black Lion?
    • Allura has a whole new set of powers.
    • Zarkon is on life support.
    • Prince Lotor is on his way for season 3.
    • Perhaps most importantly… Slav is here to stay!

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