WB Takes Aim at Netflix with New Partnership

Tom Jerry Handshake Shaking HandsDespite the continued dominance of Netflix, it seems that smaller “boutique” streaming services are taking off. These are services that offer a small niche selection of content, usually cost less, and might be piggybacked onto another service.

Amazon already hosts several of these under the name Amazon Channels, and they even launched one of their own. They’re not the best company to be doing this, though. Amazon does a stellar job of securing rights to various shows, as evidenced by the wide selection on Anime Strike.

What they don’t have is a deep library of content they actually produced and own themselves.

You know who does? Warner Bros.

And you know who just announced a new niche streaming service? Warner Bros. And it’s all about cartoons.

Boomerang is a new joint venture between WB and Turner. Turner has been launching these micro-streamers right and left, including HBO Now and FilmStruck, which supplies films from the Criterion Collection.

The partnership between Turner and WB is a no-brainer. WB is the original creator of Looney Toons, Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and enough other classic toons to make anyone go googly-eyed.

Priced to Move

Googly Eyed Wile E CoyoteBoomerang is priced similarly to Anime Strike and other specialized streaming services. $5 per month, cancel anytime, or pay $40 for a year commitment. That works out to $2.40 per month, and is the obvious choice for people who are serious about classic toons.

Of course, the real question is: Can they beat YouTube? A lot of Boomerang’s content amounts to animated shorts, and most of them are already on YouTube in one form or another.

It’s likely that WB will launch a new round of copyright infringement claims, but taking them all down might be a Sisyphean task.

In any case, Boomerang is set to launch “soon” for Apple and Android devices. Support for set-top boxes like Roku and game consoles will arrive shortly after. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it show up as an add-on subscription to Amazon Streaming at some point.

If the title of this thing sounds familiar, the answer is yes. This is an expansion and potential replacement for the cable channel of the same name.

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