Pixar Doing Book of the Dead in New Coco Trailer

Coco Guitar MagicTough to believe, but the next Pixar film is coming out in just a few months. It’s been almost a year since Finding Dory, and the Pixar machine never stops cranking. We’ll all be humming along to Coco this November.

Check out the new trailer if you, like me, had no idea what the movie was about and only a vague awareness of its existence.

The storyline is a wild mix of Footloose and Book of the Dead. It’s steeped in Mexican folklore, including plenty of mariachi music and Dia de los Muertos imagery.

The main character is Miguel, a boy whose family has banned music. He longs to be a mariachi and idolizes famous (and deceased) guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz.

Miguel somehow ends up in de la Cruz’s tomb and finds his guitar. When he strums a chord, he becomes a ghost and is transported to the Land of the Dead.

Coco looks as magical as any Pixar movie, and it’s unusual for a few reasons.

First, this represents Pixar’s first foray into another culture, besides when Brave took a dip into Celtic mythology. Finding Nemo, Cars, Toy Story; these were clearly about Anglo characters. Inside Out explicitly took place in Silicon Valley!

That’s a far cry from the actual Disney’s aggressive exploration of different nationalities, and it’s nice to see Pixar finally trying some diversity.

Second, Coco looks to be the rare Pixar flick that might have some original songs. The Toy Story franchise is known for them, but most of their films rely on licensed songs and traditional film scoring.

Finally, Coco is totally Pixar doing Book of the Dead. A living soul enters the Land of the Dead, sees all kinds of crazy neon, and has to escape.

What’s that thing where every movie concept gets two or three studios jumping on board? Asteroid movies, volcano movies, and now Land of the Dead?

Oh well. Maybe we’ll get a Grim Fandango reboot out of it.

Coco is set for release on November 22, 2017.

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