Voice Actors in Britain Ought to Get Your Game On

Voiceover Network LogoAre you an aspiring or established voiceover artist? Could you get to London in the next couple of weeks? The 2nd Annual Get Your Game On video game conference is coming up on April 28.

Get Your Game On targets developers, artists, voice actors, and everyone else who has a hand in creating games. It’s a lot like GDC in the US, GAME-ON in Portugal, and other gaming industry professional gatherings. There’s a keynote speaker. There are panels and workshops. There’s a game jam.

By Voice Actors, For Voice Actors

Get Your Game On

The difference here is that Get Your Game On focuses entirely on voiceover and sound design. It’s hosted by The VoiceOver Network, a trade association for U.K. voice actors. Voiceover artist Rachael Naylor founded TVN back in 2013 after seeing the wealth of resources available to voice actors in the US.

Nothing of the sort existed in Britain, so she had to create it herself. The VoiceOver Network offers advice, training, workshops, and a place to communicate with other voice actors at every level of experience.

GamaSutra recently posted an interview with Ms. Naylor conducted by skirmish.io founder Bashar Abdullah. That’s a great place to learn more about her and her reasons for creating TVN.

What to Do at Get Your Game On

Handshake Thumbs

Attending professional events is part and parcel of any career, and voice acting is no exception. Voiceover artists are largely self-employed or freelance, and that means they have to do their own marketing, professional development, and outreach.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are if nobody has heard of you, and participation in online forums is only one part of getting your name out. Here’s a guide to marketing yourself as a freelancer.

Visiting something like Get Your Game On is an opportunity to meet your potential colleagues. It’s also a good place to meet people who might want to, you know, pay you. For voice acting.

It should be fun, too. The event is headlined by Dave Fennoy. He’s one of the biggest names in video game voiceover right now, earning steady work from Telltale Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and more.

Get Your Game On runs from April 28-29 at Runway East, Finsbury, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF. Grab your tickets now. TVN believes it will sell out, and since they’re the only game in town, they’re likely right.

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