Watchmen Animated Adaptation Surreptitiously Announced

Rorschach WatchmenWatchmen. It’s one of the most influential graphic novels ever created. The tale of paranoid vigilante Rorschach and his last case has lost some relevance in today’s political climate. However, it’s still a riveting piece of the 80s that is read, enjoyed, and even studied by countless comic fans each year.

And now, it looks like DC is planning to turn it into an animated feature film. Although Watchmen already hit the big screens with Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation, many fans were less than satisfied with it. To say the least.

WB A-List Watchmen


The news comes from CBR, which noticed a few lines of text in a Warner Bros. survey. Like many studios, WB often sends marketing surveys to its mailing list subscribers, seeking their opinions on upcoming projects.

A Watchmen Resurgence

Batman Comedian Smiley Pin

A Watchmen cartoon adaptation would come on the heels of Rorschach, Nite Owl, and the rest of the crew finding themselves in Gotham City. The mainline Batman comics have just launched an arc centering around Batman’s investigation of The Comedian, whose signature smiley-face pin somehow found its way into the Batcave.

It’s an interesting return to the roots of the Watchmen. When writing the book, author Alan Moore originally wanted to use characters who already existed in the DC universe. When the higher-ups at DC heard the pitch, and realized the scope of what Alan wanted to do, they suggested he use original creations instead.

Moore changed the names and tweaked the characters a bit, but left them largely intact to suit his story. So, Rorschach is already a stand-in for The Question. Doctor Manhattan is already a more philosophical version of Captain Atom. And Nite Owl is pretty much Blue Beetle.

It’ll be interesting to see if those characters meet their counterparts.

The Watchmen Cartoon is On the Way

Watchmen Pirate

DC has a solid track record of faithfully converting comics into cartoons without unnecessarily changing the art or dropping story beats. A Watchmen animated movie would certainly take its place among other great adaptations like The Dark Knight Returns and The Flashpoint Paradox.

And hey, we’ll finally get to see the bizarrely unnerving pirate sequence that the Snyder film cut completely.

No other details are yet available, but we’ll post a review of Watchmen if and when it releases. If you’d like to join WB’s A-List Community and possibly receive more breaking news through surveys and ads, it’s free to do so.

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