The 10 Most Awesomely Adorable Cartoon Pets

Seymour the Futurama DogPets are wonderful. So are cartoons! Which has the potential to make us happier?

Well, the answer is pets. However, there are some awesome animals that appear only in cartoon form! Here’s a list of some of the greatest, most influential, and just plain cutest animals to ever appear in cartoons.


Disney Pluto the Dog

The orange dog is quite possibly the most baffling pet in all of cartoons. I mean, he’s a dog. Owned by a mouse. Whose best friend is another dog. Except that dog talks and wears clothes, has a job and presumably pays taxes.

Pluto does none of these things. He wears a collar, barks, and digs for bones.

Despite the existential confusion caused by his sheer presence, Pluto is a great cartoon pet. He’s been around since 1930, making him one of the very first Disney characters.

Fun fact: Pluto’s first appearance was just a few months after the discovery of the ninth planet. It’s like if they named Moana’s chicken Trappist instead of Hei Hei!

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