Justice League Action Recap & Character Rundown – S1E5 Galaxy Jest

Joker AbductedFinally, we get to see a good old-fashioned Batman vs. Joker car chase scene! As this episode of Justice League Action begins, Joker runs his van off the road with Batman in close pursuit.

Suddenly, the Joker is abducted by aliens.

Yeah, this show is weird.

He’s beamed up into a flying saucer, which flies off. Batman call Superman and Wonder Woman at the Watchtower. They believe him, of course (this is a comic book show), and Wonder Woman is amused at the idea of the Joker being an alien science experiment.

Justice served, indeed.

Superman starts trying to find him, meanwhile, as Batman points out that there’s a Joker gas bomb hidden in the city.

Meanwhile, it appears that Joker has been captured by Mongul. He briefly tries to sweet talk him into dropping him off back home, but unsurprisingly fails.

Wonder Woman Sword Shield

Mongul unceremoniously dumps Joker into an arena, and informs him that his job is to entertain the troops. Or else.

Superman, and Wonder Woman have located the ship head out. Batman points out the need for speed, and calls in Flash to help him look for the bomb.

Speaking of bombs, Joker is bombing on Mongul’s ship. His jokes just aren’t landing, though they are funny in their sheer lameness.

I think this is the first time we’ve seen Joker do standup.

Mongul jumps down with Joker and points out the obvious: These jokes suck.

Joker says “Well, if you’re ready for my kind of humor, let’s shake on it…”

And gives Mongul the old electric shock handshake.

Hamill plays this so well. The fear goes away and the menace starts to creep back into Joker’s voice.

Amazingly, Mongul’s troops love it and start laughing uproariously. Mongul is less amused, and starts chasing Joker through the ship.

Superman Silhouette Space

After a quick cut back to Earth, where Batman and Flash are having no luck, Mongul tosses Joker out an airlock… only to be caught by Superman.

It’s funny how Joker has no idea who Mongul is. When Superman shows up, Joker whispers “Please be enemies!”

Superman gives Mongul an utter thrashing as Wonder Woman battles the ship in her jet. Eventually, she boards the ship and starts battling Mongul’s soldiers with her sword and shield.

Mongul gets the upper hand over Superman, and tosses him into the arena. That gives Supes the opportunity to hit the engine room, which he does… using Mongul’s body.

The fight is won, the heroes escape with Joker in tow, and Batman figures out where the bomb is.

Mongul Holding Joker

Didn’t need Joker’s help, after all.

The bomb goes off anyway, of course, but Batman and Superman manage to contain the blast.

We end as Joker goes off to jail, and Superman has blown the gas onto Mongul’s ship.

The troops got a good laugh in the end.


Voice actor Mark Hamill. You know, Luke Skywalker? He’s also almost universally regarded as having the best Joker voice of them all.

Info & Trivia

  • Kevin Conroy playing Batman and Mark Hamill playing Superman is what makes Justice League Action so exciting. It’s a reunion of so many fan favorite DC voice actors.
  • As we see in this episode, the Joker doesn’t have good jokes. He’s a practical As in, he will practically kill you.
  • “Galaxy Jest” marks Joker’s first appearance in JLA, but almost certainly not his last.
  • The title of the episode is a play on Joker himself (a jester), and the cult Star Trek parody film Galaxy Quest.


  • “Good thing I didn’t wear a skirt!”
  • On War World, “A vibrant cultural epicenter worth visiting, I’m sure.”
  • “What did the fish say to the fisherman? Pick a cod, any cod. Yeah, Aquaman doesn’t care for that one either.”
  • “Go, Superman! Yuck.”



Voice actor John DiMaggio, a true star in voice acting. He’s Jake in Adventure Time, Bender in Futurama, and previously played Lobo in Justice League Action. DiMaggio is also the creator of voice acting documentary I Know That Voice.

Info & Trivia

  • Mongul is a long-time Superman foe. He rules the artificial planet Warworld. It’s kind of like the Death Star.
  • He maintains his rule both through his strength and leadership, and through hosting gladiatorial games like the ones seen in this episode.
  • This version of Mongul isn’t as well-spoken as previous DCAU iterations. In the past, he’s been quite articulate.
  • Yes, he looks like Thanos. DC and Marvel do that a lot to each other.


  • “I am Mongul, of War World.”
  • “Make warriors laugh, or suffer!”
  • “You will be in space!”



Voice actor Charlie Schlatter, also played Flash in Superman: The Animated Series and The Batman. He’s best known as Dr. Jesse Travis on Diagnosis: Murder.

Info & Trivia

  • A lot of people have worn the Flash costume over the years. “Galaxy Jest” gives us no clue as to which one this is.
  • It’s probably Wally West, the same Flash that appeared in previous DCAU shows.
  • The Flash is super fast. That’s what he does. The cool part is the creative ways he uses his speed. Tornados, time travel, phasing through walls. He takes it to logical conclusions in ways that Superman doesn’t.


  • “On the job, Batman!”
  • “I’ve checked every location over a hundred times, Batman. Literally!”
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