Justice League Action Recap & Character Rundown – S1E13 Field Trip

Firestorm FlungThis Justice League Action episode takes us back to good old-fashioned superhero stuff! After several episodes full of dark and disturbing imagery, freaky magic, and adult themes, “Field Trip” is all about kids kicking butt.

We start with some familiar faces battling through the Fortress of Solitude. General Zod and his two cronies have escaped the Phantom Zone.

Hot on their tails are Stargirl, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm.

Stargirl is the lead hero this episode, but Firestorm and Blue Beetle get in plenty of gags. The heat is on!

Justice League Kids TroubleThese heroes are unseasoned, and the Kryptonians have a distinct advantage. They haven’t been in the sun yet, so they don’t have powers. However, they do have futuristic weapons and military training.

As the kids hunker down trying to stay out of the line of fire, they recount just how this happened.

Superman TrappedAs Superman was giving them a tour of the Fortress of Solitude, a series of unfortunate events transpired.

  • Stargirl saw a fluffy space kitty.
  • Space kitty jumped on the Phantom Zone Projector’s control panel, trapping Superman in the alternate dimension.
  • Firestorm decided he alone could fix it, and ended up freeing the Kryptonians.
  • Blue Beetle tried too, and destroyed the control panel.

Justlice League Kids Control RoomBasically, they’re a bunch of dummies.

During all this reminiscing, the villains sneak off. The kids rush to a security room, and manage to seal the bad guys in… the armory.


Faora Zod ShootingThe villains now armed with even bigger guns, the heroes start to panic.

After a hilarious exchange about Firestorm’s powers, they determine that if Firestorm can synthesize some kryptonite, they can win this thing.

The problem: He has no idea how to do that. He can create any substance, but he has to know the molecular structure. And he’s never seen a piece of Kryptonite up close.

Before they can figure out their next step, the villains bust in a wall.

Blue Beetle HulkbusterThe kids are in full-on “fight or flight” mode now. They’re trying to get out or take down the Kryptonians in any way they can, and it’s not working well despite their best, desperate efforts.

Check out Blue Beetle’s Hulkbuster armor!

At length, they manage to get a lead on the bad guys and enter a room full of kryptonite chunks sealed in little vaults.

Blue Beetle KryptoniteThe small piece they manage to retrieve from its box isn’t enough to faze Zod and his gang, unfortunately.

The dude with the big gun opens fire, the kids are buried under a pile of rubble, and the Kryptonians step outside… unlocking their full abilities with exposure to Earth’s sun.

The heroes unbury themselves, and Firestorm reveals their last hope. He managed to hang onto that little piece of kryptonite, and he can study it and learn how to make more.

Firestorm EducationalWhat follows is a brief Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land style “educational video” in which the Professor helps Firestorm understand what makes kryptonite tick.

He’s the Sokka of Justice League Action.

Meanwhile, the other two kids are fighting a delaying action against Zod and his team. They don’t need to keep it up for long, as Firestorm shows up with kryptonite just flowing out of his hands.

Firestorm KryptoniteThe rest of the story happens off-camera. Stargirl tells us how Firestorm managed to fix the Phantom Zone projector. Superman’s free, the villains are chained up.

Superman sends them home, and the episode is done.

Fun stuff time!

Fun Stuff & Best Quotes in “Field Trip”

Justice League Superman Cat

  • Firestorm shows off his abilities to create objects out of thin air, by literally transmuting the air into other substances. Then he uses it for pillows and pizza. But then he uses it for kryptonite, which isn’t bad.
  • Blue Beetle still gets those sweet anime-style action shots.
  • The cat is sadly not Streaky the Supercat. That would have been a great pull.
  • Stargirl totally said “nuculur”.
  • Firestorm’s line at the end is “With great power comes a great big butt kicking!” This is a clear reference to Spider-man’s tagline “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  • Quote of the episode goes to Firestorm’s rant while trying to learn about kryptonite. “Do you think I’m Stephen Hawking?!”
  • Runner up is his other rant, when Stargirl admits that she and Blue Beetle have no idea how Firestorm works. “I don’t have magic, I’m not Shazam!”


Justice League Stargirl

Voice actress Natalie Lander. Her voice work includes Kinzie in the Saints Row video games.

Info & Trivia

  • Stargirl, also known as The Star-Spangled Kid, draws her powers from the Cosmic Staff.
  • She’s famously casual about her secret identity, and has trouble not telling her school friends about her heroic exploits.
  • This is Stargirl’s first appearance in Justice League Action, but she featured prominently in an episode of Justice League Unlimited. In “Patriot Act”, she teamed up with a group of other non-powered heroes to defeat a superpowered General Eiling.
  • Lander is the fourth voice actress to take on this role. Previously, Tara Strong, Giselle Loren, and Hope Levy portrayed Stargirl.


  • “That does not negate the cutess!”
  • “Firestorm, use your nuclear magic to whip us up some kryptonite.”
  • “Who knew my love of adorable kitties would turn against me?”


General Zod

Voice actor Jason J. Lewis, the voice of Superman.

Info & Trivia

  • Incredibly, this is the first DCAU appearance for General Zod and his cohorts.
  • However, he did appear in the old 80s Superman cartoon, where he was voiced by Star Trek and DCAU stalwart Rene Auberjonois.
  • The Kryptonian general is a classic Superman villain, albeit one who spends most of his time imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.
  • A prior episode of Justice League Action referenced Zod’s only film appearance. In “Play Date” Superman threw the S on his costume to entangle Batman. The only other time he’s done that is when battling Zod in Superman II.
  • The third member of Zod’s squad is likely Quex-UI, although he doesn’t speak here and isn’t credited.


  • These Justice League humans are beginning to annoy me.


Faora Zod Quex

Voice actress Fryda Wolff, who has done a great deal of video game voice acting work. Most recently, she’s Sara Ryder in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Info & Trivia

  • Faora is Zod’s loyal second-in-command, and almost always shows up when he’s around.
  • Like Zod, this is Faora’s first DCAU appearance. However, an episode of Superman: The Animated Series did feature a Kryptonian named Mala, who was likely based on her.


  • “Do you think this is the first time the great General Zod and I have fought the pathetic Justice League?”
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