Stay Positive! Unikitty Animated Series Incoming

Cartoon Network recently announced Unikitty!, an animated series based on the fan-favorite character from The Lego Movie.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of the film, are set to executive produce the series. Voice actress Tara Strong is set for the role of Unikitty herself, taking over from Alison Brie. The rest of the cast is filled out with equally strong voice actors.

  • Grey Griffin (Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Kate Micucci (Webby in the upcoming DuckTales reboot)
  • Roger Craig Smith (Captain America in Avengers Assemble and Batman in Batman Unlimited)
  • Eric Bauza (multiple voices in Adventure Time)
  • Michael Croner (a relative newcomer to voiceover, with minor roles in Family Guy and Pickle and Peanut)

That’s quite a cast, including alumni from just about every other cartoon worth watching in the last ten years.

The series promises to follow the adventures of Unikitty and her little brother Puppycorn as they fulfill their royal responsibilities as rulers of their magical kingdom. Warner Bros. describes it as “a world full of adventure, excitement, and dance parties.”

Along with the folks from The Lego Movie, the show’s crew includes people from Teen Titans Go! and Star vs. Forces of Evil.

The decision to create a Unikitty show makes a lot of sense. The pink cat is adorable and always positive, at least until she’s had enough and turns into a fire-breathing force of destruction. Unikitty’s home of Cloud Cuckoo Land is also an obvious lampoon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which airs on the same network and continues to be a major moneymaker.

Tara Strong is also the star of MLP as Twilight Sparkle, making her perhaps the first voice actress to play a major role and a parody of it at the same time. It’s like if Tom Cruise had starred in Hot Shots: Part Deux.

Here’s hoping for a crossover.

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