Original Voice Cast On for Futurama Video Game

Promotional art for Futurama: Worlds of TomorrowThe Planet Express crew is back! In the form of a mobile game called Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Before you do an Anderson Cooper eyeroll and close the page, though, take a look at this trailer.

That is the first piece of original Futurama animation since the show’s (second) cancelation in 2013. The entire original voice cast is back, including Billy West (Philip J. Fry and Professor Farnsworth), Katey Segal (Leela), and John DiMaggio (Bender).

The trailer offers about 45 seconds of Futurama goodness, with appearances by Hypnotoad and the Omicronians as well as most of the main cast. Fry is busy playing a new game by the ominous frog himself, as Leela tries to entice him to “make out behind the Smell-o-Vision”.

Amy zips in on her hoverboard, also engrossed in the game, and it soon becomes apparent that the entire cast is consumed with it. Lrrr shows up with the Omicronian fleet, ready to take advantage of Earth’s distracted state… as soon as he finishes the level he’s on.

Futurama Gameplay 1The rest of the trailer gives us a quick overview of the actual gameplay. It promises to offer adventures in the crew’s hometown of New New York and out in the galaxy. On Earth, players will engage in the usual freemium mobile game activities, like unlocking characters and waiting for timers.

In space, the game gets a bit more interesting. The JRPG style turn-based combat looks interesting, particularly with the art styles varying from Futurama’s crisp cartoon style to a 16-bit pixel-art aesthetic.

The final piece of the game includes what the developers describe as “Choose Your Own Adventure”, but looks more like good old-fashioned dialog tree.

The game appears to take place after the run of the show, with Leela and Fry an item. We don’t get a glimpse of Hermes or his disembodied head, which would let us confirm that, but it seems a fair bet.

Futurama gameplay 2Personally, I think the game looks good. Licensed games and mobile games both have their problems, but this one seems to include some actual gameplay. The cooperation of the Futurama voice actors and creators means it will be entertaining to watch, if nothing else.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will release soon for Apple and Android devices. Visit the disappointingly toad-free website https://www.youwillplayfuturama.com to sign up for a launch announcement.

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