Susan Eisenberg Speaks Up on Wonder Woman

Susan Eisenberg Wonder WomanThe live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman is breaking box office records, and rightly so. But for many fans of the character, Gal Gadot isn’t the One True Wonder Woman.

That would be Susan Eisenberg. Susan is a voice actress for video games, animation, and commercials. Although she’s voiced roles in plenty of huge properties, she’s best known for one role alone.

Susan Eisenberg is Wonder Woman in the DCAU. From Justice League through DC Universe Online, Eisenberg’s voice is an integral part of the character for many fans.

As the live-action film continues to tear it up on the big screen, PBS interviewed Eisenberg for her thoughts on the Amazonian Princess.

It’s easy to forget that Justice League premiered over 15 years ago. Although not every DC project cast Eisenberg as Diana, she’s been playing the character long enough to form a genuine attachment to the character.

That’s not surprising after reading the interview. Eisenberg relates how she was new to cartoon voice acting when the series began, just as Wonder Woman was new to being a hero in the world of men. Although she occasionally popped up in series like Jackie Chan Adventures, Justice League was her first starring role in animation.

That sense of settling in to a new situation translated to the character, as Wonder Woman herself become more and more tightly integrated with the League as the show continued. At the beginning of the series, Diana is as much an outsider as Hawkgirl or Martian Manhunter. By the end, she’s cracking jokes and giving us a “will they, won’t they” with Batman.

As far as her thoughts on the movie? She loves it, like everyone else. Susan points out the insanity that this is the first Wonder Woman live-action film after six Superman and eight Batman titles.

“I have to say, going forward with the movie about to come out, the Wonder Woman film, is long overdue for her. For as popular as she is, I don’t think she’s gotten her due.”

The PBS article includes a sweet picture of Eisenberg posing with Gal Gadot that about sums it up. Look at the sheer delight on both their faces.

Their favorite character is finally getting her due.

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