Wolfenstein 2 Might be the Best Thing at E3

E3, the biggest video games trade show of the year, is in full swing. Sony, Microsoft, and countless game publishers are making huge announcements, but the best one might have come from Bethesda.

At their press event on Sunday, the Fallout publisher unveiled a mammoth trailer for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, it’s really more of a short film than an ad. The trailer starts in a vintage 60s live-action style, then gradually transitions into gameplay.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was the surprise hit of 2014. Developer MachineGames succeed with a reboot of the classic shooter series that featured plenty of guns and blood, but also a genuinely compelling story that chronicled an alternate Nazi-dominated 1961.

Expert world-building elevated the game above its shooter roots with small touches like Germanized versions of classic 60s rock tunes and cameos from historical figures (Jimi Hendrix!). The story included some great character moments, but also plenty of all-out action set pieces like the requisite secret Nazi moon base.

The sequel, The New Colossus, takes the action from the UK to the US. It looks like the game continues the combination of movie-quality writing and voice acting with flamethrowers, robots, and other video gamey goodness.

The trailer shows off just what the 60s are like in a Nazi-occupied America, both from the perspective of innocent civilians and the Resistance. A little girl’s trip into town to pick up groceries quickly turns macabre as she calls a Nazi robot to “help” a couple of Americans out of a car crash. From there, the trailer shifts to in-game content, showing a tense infiltration sequence and then plenty of shooting.

No word on the voice cast yet, but the acting was as excellent as the last game. Brian Bloom and Alicja Bachleda seem to be reprising their roles as Billy and Anya. More details as they’re released.

Finally, it sure seems like one member of Billy’s crew enjoys a hit of LSD now and then. That little cartoon chameleon was a big surprise. Let’s hope he doesn’t cause too much trouble.

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