Little Nightmares Animated Series Has All-Star Crew

Little NightmaresAlthough it’s only been around since the end of April, Little Nightmares has already made a big impression on gamers. It has a Steam review rating of “Very Positive” with over 1,600 reviews, and it’s doing similarly well on consoles.

Little Nightmares is a 2D side-scrolling adventure along the lines of Inside. It’s about a little girl named Six who is trapped in a mysterious house called The Maw. The Maw is filled with quirky, whimsical characters and a dark secret. It’s one of those stories that starts off with some slightly twisted fun, and ends up genuinely terrifying.

As in, a chef wants to cook Six for dinner. And there are giant hands. Even your little gnome friends aren’t as cute as they first seem.

The story of Six and her adventures through The Maw has attracted some big names in film, as well. There’s an animated TV series on the way based on the game, and it’s helmed by the unlikely but awesome pairing of Henry Selick and the Russo brothers.

Henry Selick is, of course, the stop-motion pioneer behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. He’s a perfect fit for this project. After all, the game owes more than a little credit to those films. Little Nightmares already has a bit of a “found objects” aesthetic, and it’s not hard at all to imagine it in Selick’s style.

The Russo brothers are fantastic as well, though it’s a little more surprising to see them involved with something like this. They’re the duo behind the last two Captain America films, including Civil War. The Russos are also working on a little side project called Avengers: Infinity War.

Despite that schedule, which must be insane, the pair is producing the show with Selick seated in the director’s chair. He’s set to direct at least the pilot, though the way these things usually go he might not stick around for the entire run of the series.

Apparently, there was a little bit of a scramble to procure the rights to make this show. Hollywood Reporter tells us “the Russos acquired the TV rights in a competitive situation.” That means plenty of other people wanted their own shot at a Little Nightmares show or film.

It will be interesting to see how Little Nightmares turns out. The game wasn’t even close to release when all this scrambling went down, so it was based mostly on concept art and story descriptions. Still, there is a ton of talent behind this thing, and that’s a good vote of confidence.

Little Nightmares, the game, is available now on Steam and consoles. The TV show is likely a long way off, with no word on exactly when and where it will air.

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