Watch Lil Yachty Rap Every Simpsons Character

Lil Yachty SimpsonsWell, most of the major ones, anyway. There are hundreds of main and supporting characters in Springfield, not to mention the one-offs.

Lil Yachty did well to name 59 of them. I mean, he’s nineteen years old. The Simpsons is 28. The TV show could almost be his dad.

All of this happened on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, backed up by Fallon’s house band The Roots. In true Lil Yachty style, they lay down a minimalist track of a simple drum beat and a couple repeating bars of The Simpsons theme.

Jimmy Fallon himself gets into it by holding up cue cards listing the characters in each verse. It’s not freestyle (that would be insane), but it’s an entertaining watch. The song includes the people you’d expect, like the family itself, Apu, and Chief Wiggum. It also has a lot of deep pulls like Artie Ziff and Rex Banner.

Check out the video here.

Why did Lil Yachty engage in this mad pursuit? He has a track record of putting nerdy references in his music. Previous tracks include samples from Mario Bros., Pixar movies, and even the theme from Rugrats. He clearly loves this stuff, just like most people these days.

The real reason? Dude’s probably angling for a guest spot on The Simpsons. Yachty hasn’t done any voice acting work to date, but it’s clear he loves this stuff. He’d certainly like to try.

If this stunt does earn him a spot in an episode, he wouldn’t quite be the first hip hop artist on the show. However, it would be pretty close.

  • Cypress Hill showed up in season 7’s “Homerpalooza”, playing at the festival.
  • Nine years later, 50 Cent guest starred as himself in “Pranksta Rap”.
  • Sir Mix-a-Lot sang a parody of “Baby Got Back” in the 18th “Treehouse of Horror”.
  • And finally, just this past season, Snoop Dogg finally showed up in “The Great Phatsby”.

So, Lil Yacthy would be just the fifth hip hop star or rapper on The Simpsons. Pretty strange for a show that’s featured guest stars for nearly 30 years, isn’t it?

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