Voltron Assembles a Season 3 Trailer

Voltron Season 3 LotorLotor, lasers, lions, and selfies! Netflix put together a brief 40-second teaser trailer for their stellar reboot of the 1980s anime.

Voltron (formerly Voltron: Legendary Defender) is the story of Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. They’re five cadets in Earth’s space forces who get swept up in an intergalactic war against the Galra Empire.

Recruited by Princess Allura of the Alteans, the kids become Voltron Paladins. They each pilot a huge, heavily armed, semi-sentient robotic lion. In times of extreme need, the lions can slot together into Voltron, a gigantic robot capable of taking on just about any foe.

The show features absolutely wonderful voice acting, and a creative team that includes alumni from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The new Voltron far surpasses its roots, and is one of the smartest cartoons on the air. Combining broadly appealing humor with stunningly well-designed action sequences is a recipe for success.

The Vocal Range has so much Voltron coverage that it’s practically a fan site. Check out our detailed episode recaps of season 2.

It’s no surprise that Netflix is eager to get season 3 out there. It’s set to begin on August 4, and the hype machine is officially revving up.

Step 1: Create a new trailer.

Step 2: Make it hard to find.

The streaming service is showing the clip only to select Voltron viewers, seemingly at random. If you’ve watched the show, then there’s a chance the trailer will pop up at the top of your Netflix interface. If not, you’re supposed to be out of luck.

Since the Internet exists, though, naturally the trailer is on YouTube.

For now, anyway. If that video stops working, comment below and I’ll locate a new one!

The teaser reminds us that with Shiro out of action, there ain’t no forming Voltron. Hunk is distraught by this, but not nearly as much as the Blade of Marmora leader.

Not to worry, though. In the original anime, Allura herself piloted one of the lions. It seems likely that the new show will go that way, too.

We also get a glimpse of the Blade of Marmora attacking a Galra installation, some sweet Voltron action, and Prince Lotor. Lotor was a major villain on the original show, but this trailer is our first look at him on the new series.

The trailer ends, of course, with a good old-fashioned Lance gag.


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