Animation and Cartoons for Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime July 2017

101 Dalmations TV DisneyHere’s your complete list of cartoons and animated films on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in July 2017.

Netflix is bringing it this summer! The biggie is Castlevania, which promises to be a bloody good time. It has ties to Frederator Studios, the creators of Adventure Time.

Puss in Boots is always a good time as well, and there’s a bunch of Land Before Time for fans of squeaky dinosaurs.

Next month we get Voltron season 3, which might be the Netflix animation event of the year.

Aside from that, they’re adding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on July 8th. That’s not animation, but it is Star Wars.

Hulu and Amazon, not so much. Niko and the Sword of Light on Amazon is intriguing, but overall it’s not a great month for them.

Cartoons and Animation on Netflix in July 2017

July 1

  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – You know you like to move it move it.
  • The Land Before Time – Don Bluth’s story of Littlefoot and his dinosaur friends are beloved by an entire generation.
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure – Then they made another one.
  • The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving – And another. There are 13 of these things, though only the first three are on Netflix.

July 7

  • Castlevania, season 1 – Here’s the biggie. This anime based on the video game series promises to be equal parts drama and gore. It’s produced by several Adventure Time
  • Dawn of the Croods, season 4 – Cavemen. Farts.
  • Luna Petunia, season 2 – The Cirque du Soleil produced kids’ show continues.

July 14

  • Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile – This is interesting. It’s part of the new Netflix initiative for interactive T Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure.

July 28

  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots, season 5 – The further adventures of the swashbuckling kitty from Shrek. Not a bad watch if you’re a fan!

Animation Leaving Netflix in July 2017

None! Woo-hoo!

What’s New in Cartoons on Hulu, July 2017

July 1

  • Fly Me to the Moon – A swarm of cartoon flies tag along on an Apollo mission to the moon.
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – This impressively animated CG film is a side story to the video game.

July 4

  • Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie – Nothing says America like Carrot Jesus.

July 14

  • Guardians of Oz – This CG-animated movie comes from Mexico. It takes places in Oz, as in The Wizard of Oz, and features an original story.

Cartoons Leaving Hulu in July 2017

Nothing this month! Not that they added anything of note, though.

New Animation on Amazon Prime for July 2017

July 1

  • Fly Me to the Moon – It’s here, too.

July 21

  • Niko and the Sword of Light, season 1 – This promising animated series looks a bit like Avatar: The Last Airbender. It began with a single episode way back in 2015, and it’s finally continuing on Amazon. Jim Cummings, Dee Bradley Baker, Steven Blum, Corey Burton, Tom Kenny, Keevin Michael Richardson… Great cast!

What’s Leaving Amazon Prime

Amazon does not publish this information.

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