That Star Wars Museum is Moving Along Nicely

George Lucas Head ShotThe Museum of Narrative Art has its official stamp of approval from the Los Angeles City Council. That means George Lucas can start building the place, with the opening set for 2021.

George Lucas has been planning the Museum of Narrative Art for years, and ran into drama trying to find a home for it. San Francisco and Chicago both dropped out of the running for various reasons, so LA’s approval is a significant step forward.

Although not officially a Star Wars museum, the MNA is sure to have a strong flavor of a galaxy far, far, away. Concept drawings look an awful lot like a Naboo Cruiser plopped down in the middle of Exposition Park, and the initial exhibits are planned to be drawn from Lucas’ personal collections.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art


This isn’t the first time a successful filmmaker has turned their stuff into a museum exhibit, although this is certainly the largest such undertaking. Guillermo del Toro, purveyor of darkly disturbing films like Pan’s Labryinth and action extravaganzas like Pacific Rim loaned the contents of his “man cave” to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art earlier this year.

His “man cave” is, in fact, an entire house, and the stuff he fills it with ranges from comic books to full-scale Cthulhuloid menaces.

That exhibit was a fascinating look into what it takes to create sci-fi and fantasy epics, featuring del Toro’s handwritten notes, mockups and models from his various films, and the horror collectibles that inspire him in his career.

Impressive though “At Home with Monsters” was, though, it was just one exhibit in a larger museum. The Museum of Narrative Art should attract exhibits from artists and filmmakers across a wide swath of the industry.

Although he’s largely dropped out of filmmaking, the Lucas name still commands a great deal of respect. We can look forward to some rare finds and high profile exhibits when the museum opens in a few years.

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