11 Awesome Mark Hamill Roles That Aren’t Star Wars

The Joker

The Joker on Batman's crime watch setup

Mark is one of the best voice actors in the businesses. His voiceover career far surpasses his on-screen work, and he’s been in dozens upon dozens of video games and cartoons.

And most people would agree that the Joker is his greatest voice role of all. It’s a part he’s played in the DC Animated Universe for 25 years. Many would even say that he’s better as the Joker than as Luke Skywalker.

Although over a dozen actors have voiced the Joker, Mark Hamill’s the king. Mark has an uncanny ability to swing from pure glee to utter menace, and that’s what the Joker is all about.

He’s the big guy at the bar who’s laughing and having a great time, right up until the moment he decides to punch whoever happens to be in front of him. The bully on the playground who makes you think you’re making friends, until suddenly you realize you’re the butt of the joke.

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