Animated Gotham by Gaslight On the Way

Steampunk Batman from Gotham by GaslightThe latest DC Animated Original recently came out. More exciting than the movie, though, is a line of text on the back. We’re getting an animated adaptation of Gotham by Gaslight. reports via a Reddit user that one of the special features on Batman & Harley Quinn’s DVD is a preview of Gotham by Gaslight. No word on when the steampunk adventure will release, but the company generally releases several movies per year.

Gotham by Gaslight was an alternate-reality Batman comic released back in 1989. Its creator was none other than Mike Mignola (Hellboy), and it shared a similar aesthetic.

The story takes place in 1889, at the height of the Victorian era. Batman butts up against steampunk versions of the Joker and other classic adversaries. The real antagonist of the piece is Jack the Ripper, who has come to Gotham City.

Batman’s suit and gadgets all fit the style, and the result is one of the best steampunk comics around. The story kicked off the DC Elseworlds line, which gave us other “What-If” gems like Red Son and Knightfall.

This won’t be the first animated adaptation of Gotham by Gaslight, though it will almost certainly be the most fleshed-out. An amateur animator put out a partial “motion comic” of the series several years ago, and it’s still available on YouTube.

No word on the voice cast for this new project. Although I’m one of the biggest Kevin Conroy fans around, this is one instance where a new voice might be best. This isn’t the mainline Batman, after all, and a different voice actor would help differentiate the character.

Meanwhile, Batman & Harley Quinn looks to be a perfectly good adventure focusing on the family dynamics between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. It’s available now on Amazon and elsewhere.

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