Andy Serkis Getting in on the Trump Tweet Fun

Gollum Trump HairAndy Serkis recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He was there to promote War for the Planet of the Apes, but it turned into a Lord of the Rings flavored Trump joke. Because, you know, Stephen Colbert.

Proving once again that the President’s Twitter feed is better suited for a dark fantasy world than real life, Serkis read several Trump tweets aloud as Gollum. It started at Colbert’s urging, but it was just so perfect that Serkis kept going for quite a while.

This isn’t the first time a voice actor has taken on Trump’s social media. Billy West started the trend back in January when he posted a recording of a Trump tweet read as Zapp Brannigan. A dumb, sexist Captain Kirk type wasn’t a bad fit, but it wasn’t quite there either.

Props to Billy West for starting it, but Mark Hamill’s the one who took the joke to the next level. Posting as “The Trumpster”, he regularly produces voice recordings of the DCAU version of the Joker going off on fake news or the FBI.

It turns out that Trump talk sounds really good coming out of the mouths of fictional bad guys.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, Serkis graciously accepted the mantle and delivered some great slobbering, wheezing tweets as everyone’s favorite evil hobbit. Colbert had a bunch of tweets ready to feed him, and Serkis gave an excellent reading of each.

The video is freely available on YouTube. As The Late Show says, “No better voice could embody Trump’s maniacal, power-hungry ranting than ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ star Andy Serkis’ famous character.”

The best part is near the end, when Serkis goes off script and gives us a solid “What’s ‘covfefe’, precious?” Colbert wasn’t even expecting that, and it cracked him.

This presidency is going to be a long one no matter how short a time it lasts. At least we’re getting plenty of humor out of it.

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