Crunchyroll Launches an Expo of Their Own

Crunchy Roll logoComic-cons an anime expos are big business these days. On any given week, there are bound to be a few happening around the country. And as any con-goer knows, they’re not only for comics and anime anymore. Conventions cover video games, Western animation, books, and even live-action TV and movies.

Now Crunchyroll, the granddaddy of anime streaming, is getting into the game. The first annual Crunchyroll Expo opens on August 25 in Santa Clara, CA. It could be huge for a couple of reasons.

Primarily, Crunchyroll has resources and connections. The online anime channel had trouble finding its footing when they launched in 2006. Poor selection and a niche market meant subscribers just didn’t see the point.

Back then, people just used to pirate the stuff. Hundreds of thousands of people pirating anime every day. What’s the incentive to go legal?

By 2015, though, it was picking up steam fast thanks to exclusive content deals and even funding their own original productions.

In 2016, Crunchyroll partnered with Kadokawa, producers of Kill la Kill and countless other popular series.

And now, in 2017, they’re continuing their rise with the foundation of their own anime convention. The website just went up, and they’re still in the process of announcing guests and panels. It’s already promising though.

Here is a look at the voice actor guests currently scheduled at Crunchyroll Expo.

  • Max Mittelman – Saitama in One-Punch Man
  • Ray Chase – Etrigan in Justice League Dark
  • Adam Croasdell – Ignis Scientia in Final Fantasy XV
  • Chris Parson – Gladiolous Amicita in Final Fatnasy XV

Aside from the voice actors, Hiroshi Shimizu of Studio Ghibli is a guest of honor. Look for more guest announcements soon.

If you’re on the West Coast or willing to travel, this con should be a great one to see. Crunchyroll no doubt wants to see their debut year be a big success. And that’s the second reason this could be big. Launching a major expo is no small task, but Crunchyroll is motivated.

To learn more about Crunchyroll Expo 2017, buy tickets, or volunteer, visit their website at

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