Is Jack-Jack the Real Threat of Incredibles 2?

Jack-Jack ParrNow that The Incredibles 2 is looming close (less than a year away!), it’s time to engage in some speculation.

Specifically, who’s the bad guy? Who will the Parr family fight, now that they’ll all back together in their super suits?

And no, I’m not talking about that mole dude from the end of the last film. The Underminer is a great callback to the cheesy villains of the Silver Age of Comics, but he’s not going to carry the movie. Pixar confirmed that the sequel will pick up right where the first one left off, so there will be a battle with the Underminer. But it’s likely to be over within ten minutes.

Think the opening credits sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

It’s been almost 15 years since the original film, and Brad Bird has a lot to live up to. The Incredibles isn’t just the favorite Pixar movie of many people, it’s their favorite superhero movie as well. That’s saying a lot considering what’s happened since.

So, he’ll have to go big. He’ll have to go deeply personal. And he’ll have to go cosmic.

It’s baby Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack is the antagonist of The Incredibles 2.

The clues are right there. The Parrs are the Pixar take on the Richards family of Fantastic Four fame. The powers are the same, just mixed up between the family members.

The Fantastic Four’s powers are as follows:

  • Reed Richards can stretch himself like elastic
  • Sue Richards can turn invisible and create forcefields
  • Johnny Storm can turn into living flame
  • Ben Grimm has super strength and durability

The Incredibles’ powers are:

  • Helen Parr can stretch herself like elastic
  • Violet Parr can turn invisible and create forcefields
  • Dash Parr is superfast
  • Bob Parr has super strength and durability

See the parallel? The only difference is that Dash is more like the Flash than Human Torch.

So, where does Jack-Jack fit in? At the end of The Incredibles, we saw him show off a wide array of powers. He turned into flame like Human Torch, but he also changed shape and pulled off several other tricks. The question of exactly what Jack-Jack can do has been a topic of hot debate among Incredibles fans for years.

Reed, Sue, and baby Franklin Richards


The answer lies in Fantastic Four. Who’s the baby there?

It’s Franklin Richards, a being so powerful that he may as well be a god. He’s so powerful that he once made Galactus his herald.

In countless Marvel storylines, Franklin serves as a deus ex machina to win an impossible fight at the last moment. He also serves as a serious threat to reality itself. He’s considered “beyond Omega level mutant”, meaning his powers are lightyears beyond even the likes of Phoenix and Professor X.

During Franklin’s infancy, Reed Richards was forced to erase his son’s mind in order to prevent his powers from erasing the universe. In various alternate futures, Franklin has a hand in just about every cosmic event Marvel ever dreamt up.

So, I’m calling it. That’s the storyline of The Incredibles 2. Jack-Jack will show himself to be so powerful that he poses an immediate danger not just to the Parrs, but to all of humanity.

Franklin Richards makes Galactus his heraldIn other words, the foe will be their own little baby boy, who can alter reality itself. What could be more tear jerking, and simultaneously completely epic?

The family will have to make a tough decision to imprison or suppress him in some way. Even if they only have to take away his powers, that’s still heartbreaking considering the themes of the first film.

At the end, he’ll undoubtedly break free just in time to prove that he can handle his powers after all, and save the day.

I mean, it’s still a Pixar movie. It’s not going to go that dark. Probably.

What do you think? Will this be the major conflict of The Incredibles 2, or are we completely off base? Let us know in the comments!

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