Archer Season 9 Going to Danger Island

Archer Season 9Do you want scurvy? Because this is how you get scurvy! Last week’s San Diego Comic-Con brought news that Archer season 9 will once again explore a non-canon, “what-if” scenario.

This time, the action is moving to a South Pacific island in 1939. This is the sort of thing that serial movies in the 30s and 40s loved to explore, bringing us classics like The Lost Patrol, China Seas, and of course the original King Kong.

In the new season, titled Archer: Danger Island, Sterling is a freelance cargo plane pilot. Think Baloo from TaleSpin, with a lot more swearing. Some of the photos show Archer wearing an eyepatch, and others don’t. So we can expect something real nasty to happen to that eye. Or maybe he just likes wearing the patch. You never can tell with this show.

Meanwhile, the other characters have altered roles to fit the new setting. Pam is now Archer’s co-pilot, and Cyril (now named Cypurt) is a British spy. Mallory Archer is once again Sterling’s mother, and she runs a bar where presumably Archer will pick up most of his jobs.

The biggest shift is Krieger. He’s no longer named Krieger, and he’s not even human anymore. Voice actor Lucky Yates now plays the role of Crackers, a “talking, f*****ng parrot”, who will presumably sound a lot like the good Doctor.

Finally, the showrunners promise a lighter tone and more humor than last season. Although Archer: Dreamland was a critical success, it was a pretty intense ride.

“We loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast,” said Archer producer Matt Thompson. “Adam Reed has been talking about doing something fun and just having a blast. There will be quicksand, cannibals, and super intelligent monkeys.”

Look forward to super intelligent monkeys coming soon, likely in April 2018.

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