Rick Got His Szechaun Sauce, Morty

There are three things any Rick and Morty fan should know.

First, the show is back.

Second, that Mulan Szechuan sauce is amazing. You say it’s from a movie?

Third, Rick Sanchez got his wish. It’s back. The sauce is back! It’s a tale for the ages.

Let’s address the first point, that Rick and Morty is really, truly back on the air. Not that April Fool’s fake out, when the show came back for one episode. That was a cruel double joke. First the show was delayed over and over again.

Then, on April Fool’s, they said they had a special surprise. Surprise! It was the first episode of the new season! It was a glorious reversal of the usual April Fool’s shenanigans. A good prank!

Then Rick and Morty went off the air for another three months. Oh, it really was a typical April Fool’s joke.

Well, now it’s back for real. Episode 2, season 3 aired on Sunday, July 30. “Rickmancing the Stone” is a typically crazy journey through the multiverse, this time with a strong Mad Max flavor.

But who cares! The only flavor that matters is that sweet Szechaun Sauce, Morty! It was a promotional item at McDonald’s for the release of Mulan back in 1998. Fans of the show have been clamoring for McDonald’s to bring the stuff back ever since Rick’s epic rant about it back in April.

The running gag continued in episode 2, and well it should. After all, Rick explicitly stated that the sauce’s triumphant return is the main story arc of the season.

That’s some fantastic meta-humor, considering the show regularly tackles themes like suicide and addiction.

Someone at McDonald’s must have agreed it was pretty cool. A few days ago, some mysterious tweets started going back and forth, culminating in this triumph of brand marketing.


That’s from Justin Roiland’s feed. McDonald’s dug up the recipe for the sauce, mixed some up, mocked up a transdimensional shipping case, and sent it to him just in time for the premiere.

Congratulations, Justin. You changed the world.

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