Batman and Harley Quinn is Unofficially DCAU

Batman and Harley QuinnGreat news for DCAU fans! That’s the line of DC animated series that started with Batman: The Animated Series and ended with Justice League Unlimited. Ended, that is, until now.

As every fan knows, the DCAU was the pinnacle of DC Comics characters in animation. From the voice acting, which made Kevin Conroy a (geek) household name, to the complex storylines, the shows and films brought cartoons to an entirely new level.

Speaking to about the new Batman and Harley Quinn feature, Bruce Timm confirmed that the film is in the DCAU continuity. At least in his own mind.

“It’s kind of classic Harley,” he said. “Early on we decided we were going to set the movie in the classic, Batman: The Animated Series universe. That meant the character designs and bringing Kevin [Conroy] and Loren [Lester] back to play Batman and Nightwing.”

It’s not official, as he later goes on to say that this is just his own opinion. But he’s the creator of the movie and of most of the original DCAU shows. So whose opinion would possibly count for more?

Batman and Harley Quinn has Batman and Nightwing (the former Robin) reluctantly team up with Harley Quinn. Harley isn’t the Joker’s moll anymore, and she’s trying to lead a normal life at last. When her old friend Poison Ivy breaks out of Arkham and concocts a scheme to destroy humanity, she joins the Dynamic Duo to stop her.

Although Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester are the only returning DCAU voice actors, the cast list is still impressive.

  • Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) as Harley Quinn
  • Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) as Poison Ivy
  • John DiMaggio (Futurama, Justice League Action, many more) as Swamp Thing
  • Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs) in various roles
  • Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman) as Floronic Man

Batman and Harley Quinn is set for release this month on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming services. It will also play in select theaters for a special screening on August 14.

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